Life Stages

  • Period: to


  • Trust v Mistrust

    Takes place during infancy.
    Aim for trust. Do this by taking care of basic needs of child.
  • Autonomy v Shame and Doubt

    Aim for autonomy. Accomplish this by allowing kids to do some simple tasks for themselves.
  • Initiative v Guilt

    Preschool Age
    Want initiative. Accomplish this by praising the child when they do something without being asked to do so.
  • Industry v Inferiority

    School age
    Want Industry. Child needs to feel self confident.
  • Identity v Role Diffusion

    Want identity. Achieve this by giving support so the child will feel independence.
  • Intimacy v Isolation

    Young Adulthood.
    Aim for intimacy. When individual explors personal realtionships.
  • Beginning family

    The married couple establish their home but do not yet have children.
    Problems: adjusting to living with someone else
  • Childbearing Family

    From the birth of the first child until that child is 2 1/2 years old.
    Problems: couple begins to drift because they spend so much time taking care of the child.
  • Family with Preschoolers

    When the oldest child is between the ages of 2 1/2 and 6.
    Problem: Getting child to adjust to attending school
  • Generativity v Self Absorbtion

    Middle life.
    Strive for generativity. When the individual feels as though they are contributing to society.
  • Family with school children

    When the oldest child is between the ages of 6 and 13.
    Problems: child is going to be going through puberty and will challenge parents so often that they will begin to resent eachother.
  • Family with teenagers

    when the oldest child is between the ages of 13-20
    Problems: parents have to learn to let their children to take care of themselves and that its okay for them to go places without them.
  • Launching Center

    From the time the oldest child leaves the family for independent adult life till the time the last child leaves.
    Problem: parents have child withdrawl because they can't see what the child is doing at all times of the day
  • Empty Nest

    From the time the children are gone till the marital couple retires from employment.
    Problem: couple was absorbed in caring for children and now they have to reconnect with eachother.
  • Integrity v Despair

    Late Life
    Strive for Integrity. When the individual feels that they lived a good life.
  • Aging Family

    From retirement till the death of the surving marriage partner.
    Problem: sickness and death