Life Span Psychology Timeline

  • Emerging Adulthood Cognitive

    I moved away from home for the first time and started college. I took Chemistry clsses, psychology classes and a lot of other courses that demanded more commitment from me as far as test and homeowrk.
  • Emerging Adulthood Psychosocial

    I statred to identify with my hispanic roots and looked in joining a hispanic sorority so I could feel more a part of my ethical roots
  • Emerging Adulthood Biosocial

    When I was 18-20 years of age my apperance and health became a prority for me. I lived in the gym and was in better shape than even my high school years. I noticed myself taking more risk that I wouldn't of done when I was younger. I remeber a time in college I decided to leave the party early and my girlfriend and I just walked back to the dorms in the dark.
  • Period: to

    Prenatal Devlopment

  • Prenatal Development

    Lerned I was expecting. I had an easy healthy pregnancy with no complecations.
  • Birth

    Daughter was born
  • Period: to

    First Two Years

  • Social Smile

    Any time my daughter's father or I would start talking to our 1 month old daughter she would start cooing, kicking her feet and would have a smile on her face.
  • Spoke

    Daughter started to mimic people talking by babbling any time she heard someone talk
  • stranger awarness

    Took my daughter to see Santa and she did not want to sit in his lap, she started to cry and pulled away from him.
  • Sit up

    At the age of 7 months my daughter learned to sit up without any assistance
  • Spoke words

    My daughter started to form sentences that people could understand. She would ask "where is daddy" Can I have some moo" (when she wanted milk) "stop Daphne" (our dogs name)
  • Adulthood Biosocial

    I noticed that when I was about 23 my mother started to focus on what she was eating and how much excercise she was doing because after she hit menapause she didn't feel like herself. She was told to watch her diet would help her deal with the changes she was experience.
  • Peek- a-boo

    Daughter understood the game peek-a boo and would go and hide. She would hide behind another wall out of my full view
  • Period: to

    The Play Years

  • Writing and drawing

    My daughter would try to mimic when she saw people writing. She would write random things that no one could comprehend but to her it was her name. She also loved drawing pictures of different shapes that she knew the name of but could not draw them in true demisions.
  • Motor skills

    My daughter enjoyed cutting this up with scissors she would not be able to cut in straight lines and it took her some time to just make a few cuts because she was still learning how to handle and properly hold them
  • Psychosocial

    My daugter has always enjoyed Halloween and always wanted to be a fairy, princess, she also wanted to be Gabriella from High School Muical.
  • Psychosocial

    My daughter has always enjoyed playing dress up. She liked to carry a purse just like I do. She would keep in her purse a play cell phone that at times she would pretend to talk on. She also had chapstick on it that she enjoyed putting on.
  • Cognitive Kindergarten

    My daughter started Kindergarten she would be given homeowrk where we would have to practice identifying shapes and different colors.
  • Cognitive

    My daughter attended daycare that had a 5's program that helped get her ready for Kindergarten. They worked on their ABC's and specifically took part in the Pizza Hut Booket program, and at the end of the program they were given a coupon for a free personal pizza at Pizza Hut.
  • Friends/Psychosocial

    This was the the year when my daughter was starting to have play dates and sleep overs with friends that she had made in school. These events took place with out the involvment of needing me there with her through out the whole play date.
  • Sports/Biosocial

    When my daugter reached 1st grade the need to be a part of sporting events like her friends was important to her. She also wanted to play soccer because she wanted to play the same sport that her mother did. She wanted to be like her mom
  • Biosocial Late Adulthood

    My grandmother had to have cataract surgery because her vision was imparied by cataracts. She had trouble reading and seeing people. Things looked they were foggy and unclear. She learned that people age their human lens in their eye starts to discolor causing catartacts.
  • Period: to

    The School Years

  • Soccer/Biosocial

    During this year my daughter had a profound in soccer and wanted to start playing it on an organized team. She enjoyed scoring goals and out running players on her team. She also enjoyed the competion she had when she played against the boys.
  • Reading/Cognitive

    My daughter has always excelled in English. She has always taken a liking to learning spelling words and has not had a test that she has not gotten an "A" on. She also has been a part of Battle of the Books which is a competion that her school puts on. She has always enjoyed reading or being read to. She started this as a toddler.
  • Dad/Psychosocial

    My daugter learned that her father was moving to Texas. She really struggled with this, she had always had her father in her life on a consistent schedule so she was upset and hurt by the sudden news.
  • Adulthood Biosocial

    My mother started to loss her hearing. She needs hearing aids to help her hear better since she was having a difficult time understanding what people were saying to her. She would always ask people to speak up
  • Late Adulthood Psychosocial

    My grandmother came with my parents to my in-laws cottage up north close to where she lived. My mother indicated that she really had a great time being around my family and all my nieces and nephews.
  • Language/Cognitive

    In 3rd grade my daughter was given an oppurtunity were instead of going out to recess she could stay and and take spanish. My daughter decided that she wanted to learn spanish and I was amazed with the words she was learning and the small sentences she could make with the words learned.
  • Memorizing/Biosocial

    In 2-3 grade was the first time that my daughter was asked to memorize a few sentences for the Christmas program that her class had put on. This task took some practice by my daughter but something that she was able to do.
  • Psychosocial/Best Friend

    My daughter during this year devloped her first friendship with a soccer teammate that she has styed close with and is constantly playing with and going to different events with. She can't seem to go any where with out wanting her "best friend" to come along.
  • Late Adulthood Cognitive

    My grandmother at 91 years old could still account her childhood and being a beautician in Walled Lake when my mother was just a girl. She also could recount stories of things my mother did as a child. My grandmother only showed minimal signs of dementia.
  • Adolescence Biosocial

    My teeanager who is a gril enjoys talking to boys, all times of the day. We finally had to sit her down and discuss with her sex , drugs, and drinking. It came to our attention that she had friends that were doing all 3 so we felt it was important that we discussed the consquences of these actions.
  • Peer group/Psyosocial

    Through out my daughter's schooling she has been influenced in great by her peers. She gets her feeling hurt when her friends say something not nice. She also enjoys and lights up when her teammates give her a compliment about how well she played. Right now we are struggling with her doing her best in her sports regardless if she is with her best friend or not.
  • Epilouge

    My grandmother fell ill in December 2010 because she had not been taking her medications like she should. There was a period of time that she spent in the hospital. When she was strong enough they relaesed her into a nursing home. In March 2011 my grandmother passed away.
  • Adolescence Cognitive

    I had to talk to my teeanger about picking up both her clothes and cotton balls out of the bathroom. I had to remind her that she had to share the space and bathroom with other family memebers. This is part of the egocentrism which is common with children her age.
  • Adolescence Psychosocial

    My husband and I have notice that our teenager is starting to find her own identity. She finds it important that her hair, makeup and clothes are "just right" things that 2 years ago she did not find as important. We have noticed that is more important that she looks just right when she goes out with her peers than when she is with her family.
  • Adulthood Cognitive

    My father is 60 years old and one thing that I notcie is that he knows a lot of things. With every passing year it seems that he knows things that he didn't know before. He indicated that it is important to him to work his brain so he does not loss the information which he already knows.
  • Adulthood Psychosocial

    I noticed this year that my mother became caregiver to my grandmother who passed away a few weeks ago. I notice my parents find their friendships with close friends very important, every month they are putting on some get togehter or either going to one.