Life of L.V.Beethoven

  • Birth (approximate)

    Birth (approximate)
    Beethoven is considered to be born on this day (considered his day of birth, as no record of his birth exists) at the Parish of St. Regis
  • Baptism

    Baptized on this day.
  • First travels to Vienna

    First time Beethoven traveled to Vienna was in March of 1790
  • Met Haydn

    Met Haydn
    Beethoven was introduced to Franz Joseph Haydn in late 1790
  • Begining of hearing loss

    Around 1796, Beethoven began to lose his hearing.
  • Premier of First Symphony

    Premier of First Symphony
    YouTube videoFirst Symphony was premiered at the Burgtheatre
  • Premier of Second Symphony

    Premier of Second Symphony
    YouTube videoSecond Symphony was premiered in Vienna on this day.
  • Premier of Third Symphony, "Eroica"

    Premier of Third Symphony, "Eroica"
    YouTube videoPremier of Third Symphony, called "Eroica," in Vienna.
  • Premier of Fourth Symphnoy

    Premier of Fourth Symphnoy
    YouTube videoFourth Symphony was premiered circa this date in a private performance of Prince Franz Joseph van Lobkowitz.
  • Premier of Fifth Symphony

    Premier of Fifth Symphony
    YouTube videoPremiered on this date in Vienna. The premier of his fifth symphony followed his sixth.
  • Premier of Sixth Symphony

    YouTube videoPremier of the sixth symphony in Vienna. The sixth symphony preceeded the fifth.
  • Premier of Seventh Symphony

    Premier of Seventh Symphony
    YouTube videoPremier of his seventh symphony happened on this day in Vienna.
  • Premier of Eighth Symphony

    YouTube videoPremier of his eighth symphony.
  • Premier of Ninth Symphony "Choral"

    Premier of Ninth Symphony "Choral"
    YouTube videoThe premier of his "ground breaking" ninth symphony, "Choral," in Vienna
  • Death

    Beethoven died on this day in Vienna.