John F.Kennedy

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  • Birth

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born May 29,1917 in Brookline,MA
  • Move

    JFk and his family move to riverdale N.Y
  • High School

    High School
    JFK enrolled into Choate and then graduated.He ranked 64th in a class of 112.
  • Princeton University

    Princeton University
    In 1935 JFk enrolls into princeton university he drops out due to illness later that year.
  • U.S Armed Forces

    U.S Armed Forces
    JFK joined the U.S Armed Forces of Summer 1939
  • harvard universty

    harvard universty
    After he regoverd he then later attend Harvard university
  • "Why England Slept"

    "Why England Slept"
    JFk published his thesis "Why England slept"
  • Commander of Motor Torpedo Boat "PT Boat"

    Commander of Motor Torpedo Boat "PT Boat"
    JFK serves on in the U.S Armed forces, and then commands, a Motor Torpedo Boat, or "PT Boat," in the South Pacific.
  • House of representatives

    House of representatives
    ·JFK is elected to the House of Representatives.
  • Marriage

    September 12,1953 JFK married Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis they had 3 kids;John F.Kennedy Jr,Patrick Bouvier Kennedy,and Caroline Kennedy
  • Legacy

    JFk was the youngest man elected in office.he was the 35th president of the United States. President Kennedy inspired a generation to accept responsibility for its government, and its world, by taking political and social action. As president, he fought to ensure equal rights and opportunities for all Americans.
  • Death

    JFK is assassinated while riding through the streets of Dallas, Texas.After his death Lyndon Johnson becomes president.