Life and Times of a President

Timeline created by Wesley Gardner
  • Regans Birth

    Regans Birth
    Ronald Reagan was born, in Tampico Illinois.
  • Spending speech

    Spending speech
    Reagan proposes increased defense spending, and decreased taxes and domestic spending in speech to Congress.
  • Reagan's inauguration

    Reagan's inauguration
    Reagan is inaugurated as the fortieth President of the United States.
  • Reagan sends budget to Congress

    Reagan sends budget to Congress
    Reagan sends budget proposal for fiscal year 1982 to Congress. The budget calls for spending $695.3 billion with a projected deficit of $45 billion. It includes funding cuts for 200 programs in addition to those cuts already proposed by President Carter.
  • Reagan shot in chest

    Reagan shot in chest
    On March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot by John W. Hinkley, Jr., while leaving the Washington Hilton Hotel after giving a speech. The President was hit under his left arm by a bullet that ricocheted off his limousine.
  • Reagan recovers

    Reagan recovers
    Reagan leaves the hospital after recovering from a gunshot wound.
  • Reagan dismisses strikers

    Reagan dismisses strikers
    Reagan orders the dismissal of 13,000 PATCO air traffic controllers out on strike, citing their violation of a federal law against industry strikes.
  • Cutting taxes

    Cutting taxes
    Reagan cuts the taxes down so the people don't have to pay as much.
  • Military buildup

    Military buildup
    Reagan declares that the United States will produce the B-1 bomber and MX missiles as part of military buildup.
  • President Reagan's Death

    President Reagan's Death
    Unfortunately Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, died after having suffered from Alzheimer's disease for nearly a decade.