Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • The Beginning

    The expedition started with Lewis and Clark along with about 50 other men, traveling up the Missouri River. They traveled 600 miles without seeing any Indians or Native Americans.
  • Sioux Territory

    Lewis and Clark reached the Great Plains. They began heading towards Sioux Territory. The people they met their were very friendly. They warned Lewis and Clark that other tribes they may meet, will not be as friendly.
  • Tetonsioux People

    Lewis and Clark met the Tetonsioux people. These people weren't nice. Both sides had a stand off however, they both receded. Lewis and Clark then headed upstream with a failed mission because, they didn't make peace with the Tetonsioux people.
  • First Winter on the Expedition

    Lewis and Clark set up camp in Mandan Tribe Village, in North Dakota. This is where they spent their first winter on their expedition. They had to be frugal with their supplies since, their supplies were limited.
  • Heading West

    Lewis and Clark traveled west and were faced with bears. They weren't impressed by what they found their.
  • Sacagawea

    Lewis and Clark met Sacagawea as they discovered the Rocky Mountains.
  • The Great Falls

    Lewis and Clark fought over which way to go, the southern side or the northern side of the Missouri River. They finally decided to go on the southern side of the Missouri River.
  • Discovering the Great Falls

    Lewis discovered the Great Falls, which are five separate falls, not one fall like an Indian had once told them.
  • Lewis and Clark Unite

    Lewis and Clark met up around the Great Falls, after being apart for over a month.
  • Columbia River

    Lewis and Clark crossed the Continental Divide, and rode on the Columbia River. They needed horses so, the Shoshone Tribe provided them with the horses.
  • Shoshone Tribe

    Lewis spotted an Indian riding a horse. The Indian took Lewis to his chief, who was Sacagawea's brother. Lewis bargained for the horses, with the chief. Clark offered the chief his knife, pistol, and ammunition, for one horse.
  • Bitterroot Valley

    Lewis and Clark met the Flathead Indians and bought more horses because their supplies were running low. They finally crossed the Rocky Mountains, and the Pacafic Ocean was ahead of them.
  • Reaching the Ocean

    Clark thought he saw the Pacific Ocean and that they were close to it however, they were still 20 miles from the coast. He then faced terrible storms and weather conditions caused by the ocean in the distance.
  • A Gloomy Winter

    Lewis and Clark set up camp south of Columbia. They named their camp Fort Clatsop. They spent the winter their however, it wasn't a fun one. They spent their time doing tedious things such as making moccasins and working on journals.
  • The Beginning of the End

    Lewis and Clark, along with everyone else with them, were beginning their journey back home. They were all excited to go home but, they had to be careful so that they didn't get stuck in the snow and have to stay another year.
  • Difficulties on the Way Back Home

    Lewis and Clark along with many others had a difficult journey home. They faced harsh weather conditions. They also had to deal with the Chinookan Indians trying to steal their supplies.
  • Nez Perce Territory

    Supplies were becoming scarce. Lewis studied ethnography and nature while Clark tended to the ill members of the Nez Perce Tribe. They left camp and started towards the mountain.
  • Bitterroots Part 2

    Though it was spring, Lewis and Clark traveled in 10 feet of snow while going through the mountains. They followed Indian guides. Eventually, they decided to split again. Lewis went to Marias River and Clark went to Yellowstone River.
  • Encountering Blackfeet

    While traveling, Lewis came across the Blackfeet Tribe. They set up camp together and the next morning two Indians died due to when and another Indian tried to steal a pair of rifles. They then fled the campsite.
  • Return to the Missouri River

    Lewis and Clark’s groups had once again reunited. They traveled along the Missouri River back home. Their expedition was over.