Lewis and clark expedition

Lewis and Clark Anchor MW

  • Period: to

    Lewis and Clark expedition timespan

  • Charles Floyd

    Charles Floyd
    Almost at the beginning of the expedition, Charles Floyd died. Many believe his death was caused by a ruptured appendix. This was their first and only causality through the expedition.
  • Period: to

    Yankton Sioux Tribe

    The Yankton Sioux tribe recieved the explorers with great enthusiasm. They prepared a great feast for them. They had shooting arrow contests. They disscussed joining the American trade alliance. The Tankton Sioux tribe agreed to join in it, but they warned the explorers, that the Teton Sioux tribe above them had closed ears and would not join them in this, as they had done.
  • Big Herd of Bufflo

    Big Herd of Bufflo
    The explorers went hunting, and found about 3000 bufflos. There was other game as well, such as: elk, deer and antelopes. The whole place was full of different herds.
  • Teton Sioux Tribe

    Teton Sioux Tribe
    This day Lewis and Clark had some troubles with the Teton Sioux tribe. They were continuing on downstream, when the Sioux demanded payment. They wanted one of the boats they used as a toll for going down their river. Lewis and Clark wanted to make peace and make the Tetons a trading ally, but they did not succeed.
  • Arikara Tribe

    Arikara Tribe
    The Arikara Indian tribe were a peaceful tribe. The expedition was succesful with negotiating for future trade with this tribe. They were also able to convince them to make peace with their Indian neighbors.
  • Fort Mandan

    Fort Mandan
    Lewis and Clark came across a village of 4,500 people. These people were exceedingly hospitable. The captains then decided to build winter-quarters here. They named the quarters, Fort Mandan, in honor of the Indians.
  • Sacagawea

    Lewis and Clark decided to hire a French Canadian fur trader, as an interpreter. His wife Sacagawea was a Shoshone woman that had been captured earlier in her life and sold to Toussaint Charbonneau. Lewis and Clark thought Sacagawea would be helpful on their journey.
  • Sacagawea gives birth

    Sacagawea gives birth
    Sacagawea gives birth to a baby boy in the American Fort, at 5 O'clock. She names her child Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, but was nicknamed Pompy. Lewis halped Sacagawea, by making a potion made of water and rattlesnake rings.
  • Period: to


    The expedition took them into the present day Idaho. Many things happened they met the Nez Perce Indians, and the Shoshone Indians. They also went to the Clearwater National Forest.
  • Shoshone Tribe

    Shoshone Tribe
    Lewis and Clark finally reach the Shoshone tribe where Sacagawea was born. They brought Sacagawea to translate, and found out that the cheif was Sacagawea's brother. They thought this so fortunate that they called their camp, Camp Fortunate.
  • Crossing the Bitterroots

    Crossing the Bitterroots
    Crossing the Bitterroots, the snow was thick and it was slow going. The exporers grew wet and tired. Many complained that they were hungrey.
  • Nez Perce Tribe

    Nez Perce Tribe
    Lewis and Clark came across the Nez Perce tribe. The Nez Perce knew about the explorers and had looked for them. The Nez Perce were in need of guns. Their Indian neighbors had guns given them through Canadian traders, this threatened the possibility of getting enough bufflo for their tribe. This happened in present day Idaho.
  • Cascading Rapids

    Cascading Rapids
    Lewis and Clark spotted in the cascading rapids submerged trees. They tried to determine what caused this to happen. In the end they had to go around the submerged trees to continue on their journey.
  • Period: to

    The building and staying in Fort Clatsop

    They built and stayed in Fort Clatsop for the winter. After winter the expedition set back for home. They left the fort to the Clatsop Indians.
  • Fort Clatsop

    Fort Clatsop
    The expedition troup celebrates Christmas in their new winter-quaters. This Fort Clatsop was built in the Oregon County. This was the last encampment of the explorers before their journey back to civilization.
  • Walla Walla Indian Tribe

    Walla Walla Indian Tribe
    The expedition returns back to the Walla Walla Indian tribe. The Walla's give the explorers valable information about the Nez Perce Indians. They also provide them with roasted fish, firewood, and gave Clark a white horse, to show their goodwill toward the explorers.
  • Clark's Manservant York is Sick

    Clark's Manservant York is Sick
    York becomes sick on the journey back. Clark gave York some kind of medicine that induced vomitting. York was a little bit better in the evening.
  • Blackfeet Indian tribe

    Blackfeet Indian tribe
    The expedition came across the Blackfeet Indians while traveling back home. At first they were peaceful, but during the night they decided to take the explorers weapons. They thought that if their neighbors got hold of guns, it would lessen their power. But through this incident two of the Indians were killed.