Lewis and clark  side by side

Lewis and Clark Anchor Mikaylea

  • Camp Dubois: The Starting Point

    Camp Dubois: The Starting Point
    This is the camp where the journey began. After much preparation, they were finally headed on their expedition across the continent. They made their journey upriver in 3 boats; a keelboat, and two smaller pirogues.
  • Peaceful Trade

    Peaceful Trade
    The first official council between the Americans and Native Americans occurred on this day, just north of present-day Omaha. Select Oto and Missouri tribesmen came, and the Americans and Native Americans gave gifts, and spoke words of peace between the tribes and the Americans.
  • A Casuality Occurs

    A Casuality Occurs
    The first and only casualty of the expedition occurs. While no one is really sure how Sergeant Charles Floyd died, it is thought to be because of a burst appendix. This occurred near present-day Sioux City, Iowa, and the hill Floyd's Bluff and the river Floyd's River are his namesake.
  • The (Lakota) Sioux

    The (Lakota) Sioux
    Near present-day Pierre, South Dakota, the explorers came to the somewhat hostile Sioux tribe of the Lakota. The chief of the tribe demanded a small boat as payment for letting them through, and an altercation almost occurred. Thanks to the diplomacy of a few, this was avoided, and the explorers were quickly on their way.
  • Fort Mandan is Finished

    Fort Mandan is Finished
    Just over a week before Christmas, the fort is finally done enough for them to stay in. Now that it is completed enough, they move in for the winter. This fort would be their temporary home, until the weather permitted for more cross-country travel. The Mandan and Hidatsas also lived in this area.
  • Frostbite

    In January sometime, during the buffalo calling at Mandan, many explorers and even Native Americans had trouble with frostbite. It was so serious, one boy had to have his toes amputated by Lewis. This must have been excruciating, as there was no anesthetic available, nor were there any clinical saws or knives.
  • Jean Baptiste

    Jean Baptiste
    Sacagawea finally gives birth, and it is a baby boy whom she named, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau. Sacagawea was only a teen upon giving birth to Jean Baptiste. However, despite her age, she was a priceless asset to the explorers. Little did she know that she would go down in history.
  • The Great Grizzly

    The Great Grizzly
    While the Native Americans had warned the explorers of the deadly grizzly bear, the explorers all but ignored their warnings, dismissing them as exaggerations. They soon found that they were not hyperbole. After a dangerous encounter, the grizzly finally died after 8 shots made their mark in its flesh. The explorers formed a new respect for the creature, and for the Native's warnings.
  • The Shoshone

    The Shoshone
    Cameahwait was the chief of the Shoshone tribe that the explorers soon encountered. They were in desperate need of horses, and the Captains wanted to trade for horses. However, the tribe wasn't convinced by them, but by Sacagawea, who was once again reunited with her people. Interestingly enough, the chief turned out to be her brother.
  • The End of the Bitterroots

    The End of the Bitterroots
    The explorers, along with some Shoshone from Cameahwait's tribe, made the arduous trek through the Bitterroot mountains. The dangerous journey was dangerous and deadly, but everyone survived. The expedition finally makes its way out of the Bitterroots on the 22nd of September, near present-day Weippe, Idaho.
  • The Nez Pierce

    The Nez Pierce
    After staggering out of the Bitterroots, barely alive, the explorers came across the Nez Perce tribe. This tribe easily could have taken advantage of the situation and stolen the men's weapons and things, but they did not. They nourished the men, and even taught the explorers how to make canoe's out of pine trees.
  • Almost there

    Almost there
    They are at Gray's Bay, and they think it is the ocean. But they aren't quite there. Fierce Pacific storms cause the party to be halted for 3 weeks, just 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean. They were so close, and yet so far away.
  • Christmas at Clatsop

    Christmas at Clatsop
    They have arrived at the Pacific Ocean, much has been accomplished. Now winter has arrived, and it is Christmas. After a vote, which even included the slave York, and Sacagawea, they decided to stay the winter at Clatsop.
  • Death's Toll

    Death's Toll
    The journey is nearing it's end, the world has changed as these men know it. But unfortunately, the journey would not be over before death made another visit. Two Blackfoot natives were killed in an altercation over them attempting to steal horses and supplies. While it was not a member of the explorer's party that died, it was still a regrettable situation.