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Lewis and Clark anchor CV

  • St.Luis Missouri

    St.Luis Missouri
    Lewis and clark started their journey at St.Luis Missouri. They started in St.luis because that was where their was easy access to the missouri river. Eventually they sailed down it and went through the appalacian mountains.
  • Instances where a plant helped the expedition

    Instances where a plant helped the expedition
    Cottonwood was one of the most useful plants on the expedition. At first Lewis thought that cotton wood was only useful for making canoes. Later though, it came in handy for building chairs, tables, and even came useful for cooking over fire.
  • Illness on the expedition

    Illness on the expedition
    On the expedition their were a few instances of people getting sick. One of those instances was General Charles Floyd. His death from the illness was the only recorded death in the expedition.
  • The Sioux Tribe

    The Sioux Tribe
    Throughout their journey lewis and clark encountered many Indian tribes. One of the Indian tribes was the sioux tribe. These Indians were warriors and did not like people coming into their land. To make peace with this tribe lewis and clark made a ritual. They told the tribes how the land now belondeg to the United States and later exchanged gifts. Doing this allowed them to make peace and being able to paa through the tribes land.
  • A causality

    A causality
    One causality in lewis and clarks expedition was their encounter with the teton sioux Indian tribe. This tribe was known for their aggresive behavior and violence.The tribe tried to maintain control of their portion of land. When corps of discovery passed through their land the sioux were threatening them. The corps of discovery gave them large gifts and the sioux allowed them to pass.
  • Fort Mandan

    Fort Mandan
    In October 1804 Lewis and Clark arrived at a Mandan tribe. These Indians were very hospitable so lewis and clark decided to stay the winter at this part. Here they wrote back to the President about how many new species of animals and plants they discovered. On December 25, 1804 they made this point a fort called Fort Mandan.
  • A peacful trade with the Natives

    A peacful trade with the Natives
    The Mandan Indians were one instance where there was peace in trade. These Indians were hospitable and allowed lewis and clark to stay the winter in their tribe. These were peacful Indians.
  • A time when weather affected the expedition

    A time when weather affected the expedition
    The weather did profoundly affect the expedition. The corps of discovery had some instances where many people got sick from the weather. For Instance General Charles Floyd died from an illness most likely from being hot from the sun. The corps of discovery usally took shelter in the winter times with Indians to keep warm.
  • When a baby was born

    When a baby was born
    On Februrary 11, 1805 sacegewia gave birth to Jean Baptiste Charbonneau in North Dakota. Sacagewia wrapped her baby up in cradleboard and strapped him on her back and still helped lewis and clark on their journey. William Clark liked the boy and gave him a nickname called little pomp, meaning leader.
  • A spot where an animal affected the expedition.

    A spot where an animal affected the expedition.
    They described that on their expedition a huge grizzly bear was trying to attack the people. This bear was about 600 pounds and they described it as the biggest bear they've ever seen. They fired 10 shots at it before it finally died.
  • The Shoshone tribe

    The Shoshone tribe
    Sometime around August 15,1805 lewis and clark were looking for the Shoshone Indians becuase they needed horses.Sacegewia an Indian woman helping Lewis and Clark was a member of the corps and she was originally part of the Shoshone tribe. She was kidnapped by another Indian tribe. When they met the shoshone Indians Sacagewia met her brother.
  • A spot where the a native tribe significantly aided the expedition

    A spot where the a native tribe significantly aided the expedition
    The shoshone tribe aided the expedition by giving them needed supplies to continue their expedition. They gave them food and horses to ride . The shoshone tribe helped them alot.
  • Expeiriance In Idaho

    Expeiriance In Idaho
    Lewis and Clark when they were in Idaho they told an expeiriance where they crossed the Snake River through Idaho. William Clark recorded that they slept and their was frost so it must have been cold. On August 20, 1805 he said (Frost last night ).
  • Fort Clatsop

    Fort Clatsop
    In December of 1805 Lewis and Clark were in Oregon. Their they met a tribe of the Clatsop Indians.Coboway the cheif of the clatsop was the only recorded Indian of the clatsop who made contact with the corps of discovery.Coboway exchanged some goods with the corps of discovery.
  • Indian fights on the expedition

    Indian fights on the expedition
    Their was only one instance where the corps of discovery got in a fight with an Indian tribe.It was when lewis and clark got in a tried to communicate in sign language with the black feet tribe.Accidently a misunderstanding occured which led to bloodshed and in the end two blackfeet Indians died.