Lewis and Clark

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  • Lewis and Clark Set Off

    Lewis and Clarks expedition had been set since fall of 1803, but had not yet gone off. On May 14, 1804, William Clark and four dozen other men met up with Merriweather Lewis to scout out the new land. On May 20, 1804, they set off for their journey.
  • First Indian Encounters

    The group made their first encounter with an Indian tribe at sunset of August 2nd. They met with the Oto and Missouri Indians and exchanged gifts. Next, they encountered the Siuox Indians, who they knew would be much more dangerous. They were not impressed with the gifts they had recieved, and were not happy.
  • Meeting with the Teton Sioux

    The crew encountered the Teton sioux of which they were warned about. they gave gifts, but the tribe demanded a boat for passage. There was almost a physical battle, Clark pulled his sword and Lewis prepped the guns, but nothing came of this and the crew continued on.
  • First winter of the journey nears

    The crew wanted to travel as much as possible before the Missouri River froze over. They arrived at the Mandan Tribes villages, where they stayed for the winter. The food supply grew smaller and amaller, and it became colder and colder.
  • Winter with the Mandens

    The crew did much work with the Indians. Repair work, hunting, and trading for example. Lewis and Clark worked on a report of the land so far. As spring approached, they were ready to travel where no American ever had before.
  • Finally- Headed West

    The crew had finally started going the way they had been trying to-West. Now, they were moving into grizzly bear country, an area that the Indians had warned them about.
  • Rockies in their eyes

    They knew that they would eventually have to cross the large mountains, and were very excited. One week before they actually crossed, they caught a glimpse and all became even more excited. Also, nervous for the challenge ahead..
  • A decision ahead

    The crew reached a fork in the river, unsure of which way to go.They believed that the south way would lead them to Missouri, and in turn, the Rockies. They sent scouting groups, which provided no answers. They took south and knew they were in Missouri.
  • The Great Falls

    The crew became the first white men to see the Great Falls. There were five falls, instead one one like they were told by the Indians. It took them over a month to make it around the falls.
  • Continental Divide

    They could see the peaks of the mountain being covered with more and more snow the further they went. Once they passed the Continental Divide, they could take the Colombia River.