Letters from Rifka

  • Escaping Russia to America

    This is Rifka first letter to her cousin Tovah. She descibes the situation her family is in and there escape to America. Her brother Nathan left the Russian Army and army will try to find him so they could kill him. Rifka's family packs everything they can and hide in boxcars. Two guards spot Rifka, but they think she is Russian due to her apperance. She distracts the guards. Her Uncle Avrum appears and tells them that his factory has been robbed. Rifka then jumps back in and heads
    to Poland.
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    Letters from Rifka

  • Doctors Examine

    Upon entering Poland, guards told Rifka and her family to take there cloths off for a doctors emamine. He asked if she was sick while the doctor emamined her. His look gave her gooseflesh. A women sprayed her with something "vile". After the Polish guards allowed them back into the train. Rifka noticed her rucksack was empty and her Mama's candlesticks were gone. She becomes worried on what would it be like in America.
  • Typhus

    Rifka and her family remain in Poland, stranded by the illness called Typhus. She became infected because of the spray. Rifka's body started to ach after they crossed the Polish boder. Her father had a cousin at Motziv so they stayed at his house. It first started with Rifka and eventially spearded to her Mama, Papa and her brother Nathan. Her other brother Saul managed to not get it, so while their parents and brother were taken to a hospital on the other end of Motziv, he took care of Rifka.
  • A Rundown Inn

    Rifka is doing much better. Saul found a room in a cheap rundown inn so they could live in. The innkeeper is a thief and so is is daughter. She stole Rafka's little bit of food, Rifka was trying to save for later. Rifka felt lonely with Saul being gone all day. She started walking around Motziv. Day after day Rifka would sit outside her Mama's hospital window, but would get kicked out by the hospital workers. One day a doctor gave her permision to sit by her Mama and hold her hand.
  • The Peasant Girl

    Rifka and her family survived typhus and are on there way to Warsaw. While on the train Rifka becomes very board, so she walked around the train. She meets a young peasant girl feeding her baby. Rifka offers to fix the girls hair and the girl happily lets her. Though the girls head stinks and is in oily clumps and has big round sores all over, Rifka hesitantly does her offer.
  • Bad News; Ringworm

    Rifka recieves terriable news after being examine in
    Warsaw, Poland. She is dienied the ticket to America beacase she has come down with a skin desease called ringworm. Even though her Papa tries to bribe the steamsip officials he cannot get Rifka a ticket. She expresses that Warsaw is a horriable place and that she could never stay there.
  • Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)

    Rifka's Papa and Mama met with a lady from the HIAS. The lady explained how the group help Jews with troubles like them. She tells Rifka's Mama and Papa that they could leave to America while Rifka recieve treatment and when she is cured they will send her to America. She does not want to go, and that she reather return to Berdichev. Her Papa expalains to her that danger is there and she cannot return.
  • Saying Good-Bye Hurts

    With her Mama's gold chain and her Papa's tallis, Rifka is put on a train to Antwerp, Belgium. She was put with a old couple named Gaston and Marie. On her 13th birthday, Rifka secretly had a metzvah in her bedroom. Her hair is gone, and she feels that she is very ugly. She is recieving treatment, and it is not as bad as she feared. Sister Katrina is in charge of Rifka and she also teaches Rifka Flemish. Even though things are going well for her, Rifka still misses her family.
  • Antwerp, Belgium

    Rifka takes a different route home after her treatments that day. After being scared off by a gaint man, she runs off and gets lost.Rifka is very scared but she eventually ask a milkman for directions. The milkman remainds her of her dead Uncle Zeb. After the man gave Rifka a ride, she kissed his hand as if to say good-bye to her Uncle Zeb too.
  • Antwerp... A wonderful city

    Rifka loves that the people and children are so kind and generous. She plays with a girl name Gizelle, who reminds her of Hannah. rifka has been introduce to new foods such as bannas, ice cream, and chocolate. Rifka bought a new hat costume made for her. Also since the ringworm is clearing up, she does not have to wear a kerchiefs anymore. She hopes to be getting to America soon.
  • Going to America

    Rifka is finally going to America. Sister Katrina said her ringworm is competly cured, and the doctors signed her papers. Her hair has not grown back, and it might not never will. The lady from HIAS helped Rifka buy a ticket. She bought a ticket to a small boat. Rifka says good-by to her frieands in the park and brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers to Sister Katrina. Marie and Gaston threw a little party fo her too.
  • The Young Sailor Pieter

    Rifka loves the ship. She finds it very nice and the activites fun. She befriend a young sailor named Pieter. At first he is like a brother to her, but at the same time he is not. One day, Pieter was telling how she must be a treasure to her family and how brave she is when he bends down and kiss her.
  • A Horriable Storm

    Rifka was awaken when she was thrown to the floor of her cabin by the rising seas of the storm. The ocean would've claimed her if Pieter hadn't been there. He qucikly put her in steerage for safety. Down in steerage Rifka felt sick and scared. She even doubted seeing her family again. After 36 agonizing hours, the ship stoped its pitching and the hatch was opened. Rifka asked one of the sailors if they've seen Pieter. Pieter was thrown over board. Rifka cried the pain that she felt that year.
  • Entering New York Harbor

    Rifka was about tp arrive at Ellis Island. She was excited for finially being reunited with her family again and becoming an American. She realized that coimg to America is so much more. That it is a place to start anew.
  • Her Hair Grows Back or They'll Send Her Back

    Rifka was held at the hospital for contagious disease becasuse she has no hair and she might become a social responsibility to the American government. A lady from the HIAS explained to Rifka that because of her lack of hair she might not be wed and the government would have to take are of her instead of a husband.
  • The Little Russian Peasent & The Polish Baby

    Rifka has been there for a week. She had grown use to the crowds of people. And she had taken care to a Polish baby ho mother died. One day when food was being served, Rifka sat infront of a young boy (around the age of seven). She tried speaking to him in Yiddish & English, but when she tried Russian he responded. She realized that he is a Russian peasent, and even though she wanted to hate him she couldn't. She fed him and from then on Rifka became like a little mother to the boy and the baby.
  • Saul

    One day after cuntless times of trying Saul was finally able to see Rifka. Saul was disapointed when he found out that his sister knows what a banna is and knows how to read and speak Englis. Saul meet the little peasent russian boy (Ilya), but doesn't like him. While grabbing for the book it fell and Rifka's Star of David fell out and broke. They got into a little argument. Saul told Rifka how hard their Mama, Papa,& brother Nathan work. And how their bother Isaac is married and has a baby.
  • Mama

    Rifka was finailly reunited with her Mama. Her Mama brought a tiny honey cake for Rifka 13th birthday, even though it was months ago. Rifka was so happy to see her mother that she couldn't believe she was really there.
  • Toilet Paper

    Rifka and Ilya were walking through a part of the hospital they were unfamiliar with. They went close to were some men were working, when all of a sudden she realized Ilay was missing. Rifka found him playing with toilet paper. Rifka, of course not know that there is plenty of toilet paper in America, freaks out and yells at Ilay in Russian. A workman threw the unrolled toilet paper into the harbor and the two ran, scared they would get in big trouble. Everything turns out to be okay.
  • The Baby with Typhus

    The baby Rifka had taken care of since she got there three weeks ago died. She died during the night. Rifka loved that little baby, and she is sadden by its death. Mr. Fargate told Rifka that he will let her family know the next day if she will stay in America or will be sent back. Also Rifka head feels itchy again, but she hasn't lift off her scarf to see what is it. Rifka is scared.
  • Finally Entering America

    Rifka and Ilya were finally grated permission to enter America. Ilya's case was first. They believed Ilya was simpleton, but Rifka convinced him to read Pushkin. Ilya did and he recieved the stamp to America. It was Riffa turn. After a lot of talking, Rifka proved that she didn't need hair to be successful in life. She recieved the stamp, but in all the excitment her kerchief fell off. She begain to panic, but it was revieled that hair was growing. Rifka sends her love and begins life in America