Legal Timeline

  • 100


    1750 BC-Oldest known written code of laws- Code of Hammurabi
    1200 BC to 1st century AD- Ten Commandments/ Holy Bible/ Christianity
    620 BC- Rule of Law (should govern man, not other men) first legal systemn using a jury (Greeks)
    450 BC- Civil Laws (Romans adopted Greek laws)
  • 560

    Corpus Juris Civilis

    means body of civil law
    Emperor Justinian
    Laws applied to Holy Roman Empire which spread over Western Europe
  • Jan 28, 1200

    English Common Law

    unwritten law based on local customs
    developed in 12th century England
  • Jan 28, 1215

    Magna Carta

    established English constitutional liberties
    basic human rights
    protection from abuse by government
  • Period: to

    Legal Evolution

  • Change

    Our laws are always changing!