Lee Felsenstein

Timeline created by joshuamisa
  • Born in Philadelphia

  • Enrolled in UC Berkeley

    Enrolled in UC Berkeley
    Lee enrolled in UC Berkeley and also participated in a work study program within the Engineering department.
  • Arrested at Berkeley

    Arrested at Berkeley
    As a teenager, Lee was part of the Free Speech Movement and would be arrested in the Sproul Hall Sit-in
  • Dropout

    Lee dropouts of UC Berkeley
  • Graduated from Berkeley

    Graduated from Berkeley
    Graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science
  • Community Memory Project

    Community Memory Project
    Lee helped start a project which used a SDS-940 mainframe computer to make time-shared public bulletin board system around the city of Berkeley.
  • Pennywhistle

    Lee designed and built one of the earliest modems that would be available to computer hobbyist.
  • Homebrew Computer Club

    Homebrew Computer Club
    Lee was one of the first members of the group, and would later become the moderator of the club as the membership grew.
  • Popular Electronics

    Popular Electronics
    Lee and Marty "Junk Man" sent schematics of a new version of the Pennywhistle to Les Solomon at Popular Electronics. It was priced at 109 dollars.
  • Osborne Computer Corporation

    Osborne Computer Corporation
    Lee and Adam Osborne founded a computer company. Lee would design the company's first product which was a portable computer.
  • The Osborne

    The Osborne
    The Osborne was the portable computer Lee designed. It cost $1795 and sold around 125,000 units by 1982. What was most impressive was the software that was bundled with the computer had around the same value of the computer.
  • Pioneer of the Electronic Frontier

    Pioneer of the Electronic Frontier
    Lee was named a "Pioneer of the Electronic Frontier" by the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Free Speech Movement Archives

    Free Speech Movement Archives
    Lee founded these archives which has all the records of the Free Speech movement that he was apart of in the 1960s.
  • Jhai Foundation

    Jhai Foundation
    He developped an open source communications network that ran solely on pedal-based generation for small villages in 3rd world countries.
  • EE Times

    EE Times
    Lee was awarded with the award for Creative Excellence by EE Times Magazine.
  • Computer History Museum

    Computer History Museum
    In 2016, Lee was made a fellow by the Computer History Museum.