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Leading to WWII

  • Russia Plunges into Civil War

    Russia Plunges into Civil War
    The tensions between opposing forces hightened when trying to overthrow each other. The "Reds" and the "Whites" came to battle in the Russian Civil War
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    Allies of Germany forced Germany to sign the Treaty of Verasailles which put a burden on Germany. It made them take full blame, pay large fines, and put them into depression.
  • Changes in Society

    Changes in Society
    Jazz, flappers, and a ban on alcohol brought changes after WWI. There were differences in science, modern art, and literature. People started feeling hope for their nations and the passion of being alive.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    Prices skyrocketed, products were overproducted, and crisis in finance led to The Great Depression. Germany suffered the most with the taxes and blame for WWI. The economy was so horrible people searched for help from a powerful dictator.
  • Mussolini Rises to Power

    Mussolini Rises to Power
    A strong dicator, mussolini, came to power after a long period. He controlled Italy with a strong force and many different political views.
  • Hitler Becomes Chancelor

    Hitler Becomes Chancelor
    Hitler is elected chancelor of Germany eventually leading up to him becoming dictator, controlling and taking over minds.
  • Fuerer Power

    Fuerer Power
    Hitler is named fuerer of Germany after the death of President Hidenburg. Hitler can now take control of Germany. He influenced it's views, actions, and people.
  • Jewish Rights

    Jewish Rights
    When the Nuremburg Race laws were passed, all Jews in Germany were stripped of their rights.
  • Taking control of Czechozlovakia

    Taking control of Czechozlovakia
    Germany occupied the rest of Czechozlovakia to gain contol of land using it to store Jews, gain control, and increase Germanies power.
  • Attack on Poland

    Attack on Poland
    Germany started to annex surrounding countries for land. Germany tried to take control of Poland igniting the start of WWII.