Laura's reading log 2012

By lauray
  • The earth

  • Cookie

  • Last Chance

  • Best frends

  • My holiday

    This is an awesome book. it is about a young girl and her holiday adventures. She lives in a small town called cellybrooke. Her and her family go on a holiday in the bush but things go wrong. People went missing, injurys happened and gear got ruined. tis book is about the scary and survival adventures. I recommened it to boys and girls at intermediate age.
  • Desparoux

  • Anne Frank

  • The Tiger Rising

    This is a hard book to read but i got through it and i loved it.
  • Dead mans cove

    This book is about a 13 year old girl who gets lost in a rain forest. it is a very impressive book.
  • Lost in the snow

    i do not reccomend this book because it was slightly boring.
  • Monday mornings

  • Just say no!


    This book was ok but it was more of a boys book than a girls book.
  • Soul sufer

    This is the best book ever. i reccomend it to everyone. SO AWESOME!!!!!
  • Life on the farm


    THis is an amazing story. I have read all the authers books and they are all amazing. It is a african scened book about a english girl whos parrents die and moves in with her grandma. The new house and farm is magical.
  • Pets 101

  • Last leopard

    This is a cool book. although it was a bit challenging it sucked me in by the first papagraph.
  • Wild life

  • Set me free

  • Lost island of tamerid

  • Lost island of tamerid II

  • Georgia and george

  • whinne and dash

  • golden compass

    it is better than the movie
  • the black death

  • Bear grills

    It was an amazing book about bear grills and what he does.
  • twilight

  • The tale of the last elephant

    The tale of the last elephant is an amazing storey about a girl trying to find the last elephant in africa. She goes searching for about a month hoping to find it. Once she finds it she becomes good friends and takes it back to her animal farm. She cares and now breeds the elephant as she believes it is an amazing animal.