Latin America

  • Period: to

    Simón Bolívar, el libertador

    Helped to declare the independence from España for:
    Colombia / Panamá
    Bolivia (the country gets it name from Bolívar…)
    Created el Gran Colombia
    Died of tuberculosis
  • Period: to


    Haití 1804
    Primer país para ganar independencia
    Independencia de Francia
    Venezuela y Paraguay 1811
    Independencia de España
    Argentina 1816
    Independencia de España
    Revolucionario: San Martín
    Chile 1818
    Independencia de España
    Revolucionario: San Martín
  • Mexico in 1810

    today’s California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, México and all of Central America down to Costa Rica. This was all ruled by España.
  • Period: to

    Gran Colombia

    Colombia, Venezuela, Panamá, Ecuador, Perú
    1822 Ecuador got free from
    España and joined Gran
    Colombia, the last colony to do
    Gran Colombia had 12
    departamentos y 36 provincias
    Presidente:Simón Bolívar
    Vice-presidente:Francisco Santander
  • Mexico in 1821

    Central America split from México, they were left with today’s California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Texas and México
  • Period: to


    1821 declara la
    independencia de
    México y España
    Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica
    1822 declara la independencia de Portugal
  • Period: to


    Gran Colombia started to fall
    apart as Bolívar was helping to
    free Bolivia and Perú from España
    Bolivia declara la independencia
    de España
    Venezuela sale del Gran Colombia
  • President Jackson

    presidente americano Andrew Jackson wanted all of the land above longitude 37 N
  • Texas

    Americanos en Texas declaran la liberación de Texas, which was part of México
  • Mexico in 1836

    after Texas became a US state, they were left with today’s California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico and México.
  • Mexico in 1836

    after Texas became a US state, they were left with today’s California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico and México.
  • EE.UU

    los EE.UU. (presidente John Tyler) anexed Texas and made it the 38th state
  • Guadalupe Hidalgo

    El tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo: Through a treaty the USA bought:Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado…
    EE. UU. paid 18 millones de dólares a México
    México lost 55% of its land
  • Mexico in 1848

    after the Treaty of Guadalupe allowed the USA to buy the white portion (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Texas) México was almost to the size it is today…
  • “Gadsden Purchase”

    USA buys partes de Arizona y New Mexico
  • México in 1853

    after the Gadsen Purchase where the USA bought that red piece of México, México was pretty much as small as it is today. There were a few parts in the southern part of México where they were still deciding the exact borders.
  • William Walker

    An American named William Walker invaded

    Nicaragua because he wanted to form more English speaking countries in Central America. He was president of Nicaragua for 2 years. He was then killed in Honduras.
  • Frances

    France tries to take over México
  • Period: to

    Guerra de Paraguay

    Guerra de Paraguay: Paraguay wanted more land but Argentina, Brasil, y Uruguay stopped them
  • Period: to


    Guerra en Cuba para la independencia
    Cuba didn’t gain independence until the USA stepeped-in in 1898.
  • Period: to


    Guerra del Pacífico
    Bolivia wanted access to the sea. There were border disputes between: Chile, Perú, Bolivia
  • EE.UU. vs. España

    Cuba quiere independencia de España
    EE.UU. ayuda a Cuba
    Monroe Doctrine
    Since 1823 the USA proclaimed that it would help
    colonies become free, so they declared war on Spain and began to help colonies become free from them.
    Mayo – Agosto - EE.UU. liberated las Filipinas from España
    el 20 de junio – Los EE.UU. liberan a Guam de España
    Junio – Agosto- Liberan a Cuba de España
    Mayo – Agosto --Liberan a Puerto Rico de España
    El 12 de agosto del 1898 - Peace Treaty en Paris
    Platt Amendment 1899