Later Europe and America Timeline

  • The Swing By Jean-Honore Fragonard

    In the swing, there is a woman who is smiling while looking at the shoe flying off her foot. In the background, there is her husband's controlling the movement of the swing behind her. To the left of her, there is a man on the floor who is assumably her mistress.
  • Oath of Horatii By Jacques- Louis David

    The Oath of Horatii depicts a Roman legend. Three men are saluting the swords held up by their father. There is a revolution afoot and on the right far back side of the painting you can see women and children mourning this possibility of war.
  • Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun Self Portrait

    The painting is unlike many of Le Brun's other paintings. She has painted Marie Antoinette on several occasions. In this painting, she has a collar and a big bow on her waist with a turban of sorts on her head and she is looking to the left while using her brush to paint.
  • Liberty Leading the People By Eugene Delacroix

    The painting is oil on canvas and it depicts the violent protests on the streets of France. The people were protesting King Charles the tenth restrictive ordinances. For several days the citizens fought the royal army.
  • The Oxbow By Thomas Cole

    The oxbow is a painting of a view from Mount Holyoke North Hampton, Massachusetts. The angle at which the onlooker is seeing is dark and ugly on the left side, the side we assume they on, and bright and beautiful. The left side is dreary while the right side is hopeful.