Kids spanking

Landmark cases involving spanking/corporal punishment in U.S.

  • U.S. Supreme Court upholds Florida school paddling

    Ingraham v. Wright - 430 U.S. 651 (1977)The Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause of the Eighth Amendment does not apply to disciplinary corporal punishment in public schools.
  • Iowa: Ankeny dad spanks child

    Ankeny, Iowa dad Tracey Hildreth administers a spoon spanking to his 8-year-old daughter Amanda for disobeying instructions to bathe and prepare for a church function. She recieves three strokes with a wooden spoon over denim jeans. Iowa DHS considers the spanking abusive, and the case ends up before the Iowa Supreme Court.
  • Singapore: Michael Fay flogged

    Singapore: Michael Fay flogged
    Most Americans Support Fay's punishmentSentencing of American vandal in Singapore to flogging with a rattan cane has occupied attention of American public.
  • American Dad arrested for spanking daughter in Ontario

    Now Dad Feels Pain In Girl's Spanking David Peterson of Warrendale, Illinois arrested after administering a public spanking to his 5-year-old daughter Rachel in a London, Ontario parking lot.
  • Illinois Dad acquitted in Ontario

    David Peterson found not guilty of abuse for spanking his child in London, Ontario. "This is not a court of social justice, but of the law." --Mr. Justice John Menzies
  • Mark Peterson spanks stepchild in Wisconsin

    According to court records, [Peterson] admitted he placed his [4-year-old] stepdaughter over his knees Feb. 20, 1996, at their Appleton home and spanked her with his hand four to six times on the buttocks through her clothes.
  • Pennsylvania: Lawrence Maloni case discussed

    Pennsylvania: Lawrence Maloni case discussed
    COURTS TAKE WHACK AT SPANKING ISSUE Even though the paddling bruised the girl, she didn't need medical attention, nor did she lose sleep or miss playtime.
  • Iowa: Ankeny dad prevails in state Supreme Court ruling

    Iowa: Ankeny dad prevails in state Supreme Court ruling
    HILDRETH v. IOWA DEPT. OF HUMAN SERVICES "It's important that the state understand that parents do have the right to impose reasonable punishment...Mr. Hildreth wasn't an abuser. He is a responsible parent." --Robert Wright, Jr.
  • North Dakota: State Supreme Court upholds parental spanking rights

    Raboin v. ND Dept. of Human Services, 552 N.W.2d 329 (N.D. 1996) "There is simply no evidence the Raboin children have suffered serious physical harm or traumatic abuse from the spankings administered by their parents in disciplining them."
  • California: AG affirms legality of parental spanking

    Attorney General Daniel Lungren affirms in a letter that spanking with an object such as a belt or paddle by a parent is not per se illegal in California--a position later validated by rulings in the cases of Tricia McLinden, Veronica Gonzales and Allan Rivera.
  • Florida: Zimbalist Chalk acquitted

    Florida: Zimbalist Chalk acquitted
    "I, for one, am glad that Mr. Chalk disciplined his son for swimming in a off-limits rockpit before the child became one more of Florida's many drowning statistics. It is better that the child have a bruise on his bottom than to be dead on the bottom of a lake." -Kathy Gonzalez
  • CP Prosecutions list started

  • Oklahoma reaffirms parental right to spank, switch, paddle

    "I feel like the lack of discipline has led to what we are into now, total chaos and disrespect. Back when I grew up, we got our tails whipped at school, then got it again when we got home. And we didn’t have shootings.” --Sen. Frank Shurden
  • Connecticut: Rev. Walter Oliver acquitted

    Connecticut: Rev. Walter Oliver acquitted
    "I resisted a few times and he'd push me over and continue spanking me. He said it was supposed to hurt." -Anthony Bailey
  • Councilman Sam Malone spanks son

    Councilman Sam Malone spanks son
    Cincinnati City Councilman Sam Malone administers a spanking with a belt to his 14-year-old son, for disrespecting a teacher on a field trip. He is arrested the following day and charged with domestic violence.
  • Ohio: Sam Malone acquitted of spanking son

    Ohio: Sam Malone acquitted of spanking son
    Former Cincinnati Councilman Sam Malone acquitted of domestic violence charges for spanking his teenage son in 2005.
  • California spanking ban proposed by Sally Lieber

    Legislation would ban spanking young children“I’m trying to pick a word [for the proposal] other than crazy.” -- Sen. Dick Ackerman
  • California: Lieber withdraws anti-spanking bill

  • Allan Rivera spanks son, 11

  • Rivera acquitted in San Francisco

  • Nathan Baize wins in Utah Supreme Court