Mermaids Timeline

Timeline created by Adriana Maximiliano
  • 1493

    The trips of Christopher Columbus

    The trips of Christopher Columbus
    The navigator reported mermaid sightings while he was at sea. He said: "They were not as beautiful as they are painted, although in a certain way they have a human appearance on the face"
  • Henry Hudson

    Henry Hudson
    Henry Hudson, explorer, and discoverer of the river that has his name, records having seen a real mermaid near Russia. He wrote in his diary: "Two crew members, Thomas Hules and Robert Rayner, sighted a siren at 75 ° -7'N, and yelled for the rest of the crew to come see it."
  • Kennebec Journal

    Kennebec Journal
    Shuker cites another newspaper report from the Kennebec Journal, on June 24, 1873 in Spain, about the sighting of a mermaid with a fin on its lower back, black skin, and a meter and a half in size.
  • Karl Shuker´s website

    Karl Shuker´s website
    A mermaid sighting was reported in Canada in 1886, cited by zoologist Karl Shuker on his website. The report reached the ‘Cape Brooklyn Eagle’ newspaper in August 1886.
  • Japanese soldiers

    Japanese soldiers
    (On the WW2 times) Several mermaids were seen by Japanese soldiers on the shores of the Kei Islands, in Indonesia. They said they saw them swimming in the water, and another on the beach. She was described as 1.50 meters, pink skin, with the face and limbs of a human.
  • Tourists on a ferry

    Tourists on a ferry
    In British columbia tourists on a ferry saw a woman with a dolphin tail. They said she had blonde hair and was eating salmon. She appeared in the ‘Times-Colon’ newspaper and attracted much attention, but since then no one has seen her again.
  • White shark

    White shark
    The corpse's remains of an unknown humanoid creature were found in the belly of a big dead white shark in southern Africa. They said the body had humanoid hands and skull, also the shark had a pick stuck in the jaw.
  • Dam construction

    Dam construction
    Dam construction in Zimbabwe was delayed because of mermaids. They harassed the workers in the installation of water pumps. The minister Nkomo said that all the officers he sent promised not to go back there.
  • Million dollar reward

    Million dollar reward
    Israel offers a million-dollar reward to the first person who can get a picture of a real mermaid, the government offers this reward because of the large number of mermaid sightings at the site. It looks like there is a mermaid who occasionally appears at the sunset, Shlomo Cohen says: “I was with my friends when we saw a woman lying on the sand in a strange way. When we got close to her, she jumped into the water and disappeared. We were all in shock because we saw that she had a tail ".
  • Greenland Sea

    Greenland Sea
    The marine geologist Torsten Schmidt was hired by Iceland Geo Survey to work on seismic mapping and sampling on the seabed. Close to 3.000 feet under the sea he reported they have seen an interesting phenomenon and hearing some strange sounds. So he started his own investigation he says "Well, I looked at her and that is how I knew I was looking at the face of another intelligent species, just like us."