Kylie Jenner

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  • the beginning of her career

    the beginning of her career
    It all started on October 14, 2007 when the reality tv show Keeping Up With The Kardashians was released and spread across the world. Kylie took part in it since she is a family member of the Kardashians.
    Kylie was born from another father since her mom Kris married another man after the passing of her first husband. Her and her husband Bruce had 2 children: Kylie and Kendal Jenner.
  • Kylie and Tyga pt.1

    Kylie and Tyga pt.1
    It appeared that 14-year-old Kylie first had something for Tyga when she bumped into him at her sister's sixteenth birthday party. He had been invited to perform at the event back in 2011 and she was seen awkwardly flirting with Tyga in the episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'.
  • Kylie and Kendal's clothing line

    Kylie and Kendal's clothing line
    On November 15, 2013, the Jenner sisters announced that they would launch The Kendall & Kylie Collection with PacSun which launched on February 2013. Since its conception, the sisters have released several collections for this line.
    it was very successful at the time but no one hears much of it these days.
  • Kylie's lip filler journey

    Kylie's lip filler journey
    On November 2014 Kylie Jenner got lip fillers for the first time but never addressed it to her fans or the public. when the truth came out Jenner denied it and moved on. Months later she addressed her long-speculated lip fillers shouldn't be surprising, because she is a Kardashian-Jenner, after all and all her siblings and mom got plastic surgery. Kylie gave an example of that back in 2015 when, after months of denying lip fillers, she finally acknowledged she had them.
  • Kylie cosmetics

    Kylie cosmetics
    Kylie Jenner has described her decision to use her former insecurity as inspiration for her brand as "one of the most authentic things I've done in my career". The first 15,000 lip kits were funded by Jenner at a cost of $250K from her modelling earnings. Kylie Lip Kits debuted in 2015 and sold out within a minute.Till this day Kylie cosmetics is doing extremely well and is still releasing new products. It started with lip kits but now we can find any type of makeup from her brand.
  • Kylie and Tyga pt.2

    Kylie and Tyga pt.2
    Later on a rumor came out that he ended his relationship with Blac Chyna because of Kylie Jenner but he defended his actions on Twitter, claiming that he was just friends with the Kardashians.
    About year later Kylie and Tyga came out to the public about their relationship and they got hated on a lot because of the age gap.
    Their relationship lasted quite a while but when kylie turned 18 she decided it was about time for the relationship to come to an end.
  • Kylie and Travis

    Kylie and Travis
    It's been more than two years since they first began dating, and Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are still going strong. Not only are they lovers, but they're best friends who have a home together.
    It all started in Coachella 2017 when they met and immediately had a strong connection. They then started hanging out more often and fans would spot Kylie backstage in his concerts which led to speculations of them dating and not so long later they confirmed that they were seeing each other.
  • The pregnancy speculation pt.1

    The pregnancy speculation pt.1
    It all started in September when media reports emerged claiming the 20-year-old was pregnant.
    TMZ reported the reality TV star is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott.
    The couple have yet to report on the rumors and have been careful not to be snapped together recently.
    Kylie also hasn't been making any of her usual public appearances.
    Instead, grainy photos have emerged showing her wearing baggier clothing which led to the speculation.
  • The pregnancy speculation pt.2

    The pregnancy speculation pt.2
    After months of speculation, reality television star Kylie Jenner announced she gave birth to a baby girl with boyfriend Travis Scott on February 1. She revealed the news in a Twitter post on Sunday afternoon in which she explained why she chose to keep her pregnancy private.
  • Kylie Jenner Becomes The Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

    Kylie Jenner Becomes The Youngest Self-Made Billionaire
    At just 21, Kylie Jenner is worth US$1 billion, and her cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics, is valued at US$900 million. This makes her the youngest self-made billionaire.
    Much of the controversy surrounding Kylie's new title comes from the fact that she was born into wealth and fame. It is not exactly the scenario most people picture when they hear the words “self-made”..
  • Kylie Skin

    Kylie Skin
    Kylie Jenner has expanded her beauty empire even further by venturing into the skincare division with the finally confirmed launch of Kylie Skin, her new skincare line. On Friday, May 10, Kylie took to her personal Instagram to announce Kylie Skin is confirmed. Kylie skin has all kinds of products that are meant to clear your skin in no time.According to her post, you can get your hands on the products on Thursday, May 22.