KoriSock's Ten Marks and a Train Ticket Timeline

  • Sequence #1

    Sequence #1
    After Hitler regime began in 1939, the rules change in Germany. The new rules make the lives of Jewish people hard and unsafe. Benno’s parents decide that since they can’t get visas, they’ll need to send Heinz and Benno away by themselves. Picture- Mark Wubben
  • Sequence #2

    Sequence #2
    Heinz and Benno successfully cross the border from Berlin to Holland. After being turned away once, they make it through a border into Nijmegen, Holland. All the boys have are ten marks, their birth certificates, two train tickets, and the clothes on their backs, they leave their suitcase full of memories from home behind. Picture- robynejay
  • Sequence #3

    Sequence #3
    After escaping to Holland, Heinz and Benno travel to a safe house, where they are happy. After four days they move to Emmakinderhuis, a convent in Wijk Aan Zee, Holland. Benno was very unhappy here. They stay there for six weeks, following strict rules all week, and only taking breaks on weekends. Picture-
  • Sequence #4

    Sequence #4
    Heinz and Benno move to an orphanage in Amsterdam, which Benno doesn’t like either. After, they are moved to England where they stay in different hostels. Heinz moves to London before Benno turns thirteen. Benno moved to London later.In 1943 Heinz and Benno learned that their parents and little brother Charlie were taken to Auschwitz and gassed upon arrival. Heinz got married to Fella in 1945.
    Picture- <a href='' >Foxtongue
  • Sequence #5

    Sequence #5
    Benno gets married to Rita, soon having a daughter. After moving to Canada, sometimes he is still reminded of his past and his journey. He continues to share his story with his relatives on their ninth birthdays. Picture- wirewiping