Korean War Timeline

  • Korea is Divided into two Countries

    At the end of World War II, Korea is divided into two sections. A communist north, and an anti-communist south. The North is controlled by Russia, and the South is controlled by the United States.
  • Period: to

    Korena War

  • Harry Truman promises to oppose Communism

    Truman gives a speech assuring that he will defend any country that is dangered by a communist country.
  • Invasion of South Korea

    With the permission of Russia, North Korea invades South Korea, They are barreling toward the capital in Seoul, and the Southern army is not strong enough to stop them.
  • Thousands are executed in South Korea

    Fearing that the citizens will fall to communism, the South Korean president kills over 100,000 of his own citizens.
  • United States joins the war

    The United States joins the war in an effort to stop the spread of communism.
  • China joins the war

    The "People's volunteer army," from China joins into the war. They were key in pushing the South Korean troops back to the 38th parallel.
  • United States reaches the North Korean capital

    After defeat in Osan, and a victory in Inchon the United States finally reaches the North Korean capital.
  • Peace Talks Begin

    With neither side gaining ground, peace talks emerge between the two sides.
  • General MacArthur is Fired

    After a public disagreement with the president about whether or not to bomb China, MacArthur is fired. Truman believed that bombing China would lead to a much larger conflict.
  • The Battle of Heartbreak Ridge Begins

    The French and American armies battle the Chinese and North Korean armies in an area known as the Punchbowl. After months of fighting, the US and French emerge victorious.
  • Truce is made

    North and South Korea agree to stop fighting, and came up with the demilitarized zone to seperate the two countres.