Korean War

By eojin
  • Independence from Japan

    After U.S.A. bombed Japan, Korea became an independent nation.
  • Period: to

    Korean War

    Korean War is a war between South and North Korea.
  • Invasion of South Korea

    North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950 25th of June. They invaded with forces from Russia such as tanks and airplanes. South Korea wasn't ready for a war, so South Korea was losing.
  • Seoul captured by North Korean

    Seoul is South Korean capital city. It was captured by North Korean. It was captured in less than one day.
  • Truman's supprt

    Truman decides to support South Korea with Naval and Air forces.
  • General MacArthur

    General MacArthur came to Suwon which is South Korean Headquarters.
  • Suwon captured

    Suwon got captured by North Korean which was South Korean Headquarters.
  • U.N.'s Support

    U.N. decided to support South Korea before everything got captured.
  • General MacArthur's plan (recapturing Seoul)

    General MacArthur planned an attack in Incheon which is west side of Seoul. They made a division in the other side of Incheon. They recaptured Incheon. They soon recaptured Seoul.
  • U.S. and U.N. and South Korean forces

    U.S. and U.N. and South Korean forces engaged to North Korea. They soon captured Pyeong Yang which is Norht Korean capital city.
  • Chna joins the War

    China joined the War.
  • Few North Korean cities left

    The United forces captured all most all the North Korean cities.
  • China brought forces

    China brought forces worth millions of soldiers. this caused the United force to retreat. The United forces retreated until where Demilitarized Zone is.
  • Peace Talk begins

    Peace Talk between North and South begins.
  • Peace Truce

    South and North Korea decided to have a Peace Truce.