Korean War

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  • Battle at Osan

    Battle at Osan
    American ground troops go into battle against North Korean forces at Osan. The Americans expecting an wasy victory over an overmatched foe
  • North Korea invades

    North Korea invades
    communist North Korean troops launch a full-scale invasion of the South,beginning the open military phase of the Korean War.
  • Truman Authorizes Advance

    Truman Authorizes Advance
    President Truman authorzes General MacArthur to oder his forces to pursue the retreating North Korenas across the 38th parallel, into North Korean territory.
  • US reches pyongyang

    US reches pyongyang
    The US First Cavarley Divison enters pyongyang, the North Korean capital. American soliders are convinced that victory in the broader war is near.
  • China enters Korean War

    China enters Korean War
    Chinese leader Mao Zedong fearful of the conaequences of hostile American focres taking up position along the coutrys border at the Yalu River
  • Peace Talks Drag

    Peace Talks Drag
    With the Korean War seemingly settling into a bloody stalemate, the United Nations passes a resolution calling for a negoitated end to the conflict.
  • Truman Fires MacArther

    Truman Fires MacArther
    Senate passes legislation reaffirming the scope and pirpose of a unified NATO and authorizes presidnet Truman to send four American divisons to be stationed in Europe
  • MacAthur Adresses Congress

    MacAthur Adresses Congress
    General MacArthur, addressing a joint meeting of congress recives a stadning ovation from the bipartisan majority of the legislators packed into the House chamber.
  • MacArhtur recives ticker-tape parade

    MacArhtur recives ticker-tape parade
    In New York City, an estimated 7.5 million people turn out to cheer for Gernral MacArthur as he parades through the city in the nack of an open Chrysler
  • Korean War Armistice

    Korean War Armistice
    After two years of negotiations, diplomsts from the United States, North Korea and China reach an aggrement to an armistice to end the "UN peace action in Korea without a formal peace treaty.