Korean War

  • Division of Korea

    Division of Korea
    Korea divided into United States and Soviet occupation zones along 38th parallel.
  • Period: to

    Korean War

  • Invasion Begins

    Invasion Begins
    North Korean People's Army invades South Korea.United Nations calls for an end of aggression.
  • Seoul Airfield Attacked

    Seoul Airfield Attacked
    United Nations asks member countries to aid Republic of Korea. United States announces intervention. North Korea attacks Seoul airfield.
  • Capturing of Seoul

    Capturing of Seoul
    United States bombers attack troops in Han River area. North Korean army captures Seoul.
  • Truman Orders Bombings

    Truman Orders Bombings
    President Truman orders ground forces into Korea and authorizes Air Force to bomb North Korea.
  • United Nations cross 38th Parallel

    United Nations cross 38th Parallel
    United Nations forces cross 38th parallel. UN sanctions defeat of North Korea and attempted reunification.
  • UN Captures P'yongyang

    UN Captures P'yongyang
    United Nations captures P'yongyang, the North Korean capital.
  • "Home by Christmas"

    "Home by Christmas"
    General Douglas MacArthur's final "Home by Christmas" offensive begins.
  • Heartbreak Ridge

    Heartbreak Ridge
    United Nation forces take Heartbreak Ridge after 18-day battle.
  • Troops Pushed South

    Troops Pushed South
    Communist offensive pushes Republic of Korea troops south.
  • War is Over

    War is Over
    Cease fire signed. Fighting ends 12 hours later