Korean War

By boofuz
  • 38th Parallel

    Korea was divided into into U.S and Soviet occupation zones.
  • President Truman

    Truman's National Security Act creates US Department of Defense
  • Invasion

    North Korea's amy invades the South
  • Capture of Seoul

    North Korea captures Seoul, U.S bombers attack troops in Han River area.
  • Battle for Taejon

    Battle for Taejon ends with U.S retreat. (Babies >:{ )
  • Recapture Seoul

    U.N troops recapture Seoul.
  • Chinese Arrive

    Chinese communist army crosses Yalu River into Korth Korea.
  • Capture of P'yongyang

    U.N troops captures North Korea's capital, P'yongyang.
  • Chinese Capture Seoul

    Chinese captures Seoul.
  • Douglas MacArthur

    Douglas MacArthur was fired from Korean War, sent back to U.S
  • Truce Talks

    Truce talks at Panmunjom.
  • End of the war?

    Ceasefire stopped the fighting, 38th parallel is announced as a demilitarized zone.