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Korean vs Vietnam Timeline

  • Vietnam Invasion

    Vietnam Invasion
    Japan first invades Vietnam
  • 38th Parallel

    38th Parallel
    The soviet union invaded Korea and then the US moved its troops to southern Korea.
    Korea was split into two nations, separated at 38 degrees north latitude. North Korea was made up from the communist and South Korea was made up from non-communist.
  • Korea was divided

    The Korean Peninsula was divided between soviet government in the north and American government in the south.
  • War breaks

    War broke along the 38th parrallel. On that day, Korean troops coordinated an attack at stragetic points along the parallel.
  • Breach of Peace

    Breach of Peace
    North Korea invades South Korea.
    Then, the UN sends a international force to Korea to protect South Korea from Northern invasion.
    *resolution called Breach of Peace
    Then, Mac Arthur launches a surprise attack and the UN troops push North Koreans to the Chinese border
  • China Attack

    China Attack
    Chinese pushes the UN and South Korean troops out of North Korea. Then, Mac Arthur calls for a nuclear attack against China and Turman removes him for his insubordination.
  • UN controls South Korea

    UN controls South Korea
    UN troops gain control over Soth Korea again
  • Cease Fire Agreement

    Cease Fire Agreement
    North Korea and the UN forces sign the cease fire agreement. (suspend aggressive actions)
  • Anticommunism

    The US and France set a anticommunist government (puppet gov.) The US feared that South Vietnam would become communist.During the Korean War, battles were fought with large armies in Vietnam.
  • First Invasion

    First Invasion
    The first American troop arrived to Vietnam (escalating)
    In Korea it all started with a sudden invasion of the South by the North
  • US leaving Vietnam

    US leaving Vietnam
    The United States agreed on leaving Vietnam under the condition that North would not invade the South of Vietnam(North side continued attacking the South after the US had left)
  • The End

    The cease fire agreement allowed both sides to stay and have mutual respect.
    All Vietnamese became communists.