Korean Imperialism

  • Japan Debating Invasion

    Korea will not recognize the emperor in Japan, so Japan debates invading Korea.
  • Kangwa Treaty

    Japan makes Korea sign the Kangwa Treaty, which opens Korea to foreign trade.
  • United States Treaty With Korea

    US signs treaty of Friendship with Korea, and soon other western powers follow.
  • Li Hongzhang (China) and Ito Hirobumi (Japan) Treaty

    These two leaders sign the Li- Ito agreement which balances their forces and influences in Korea.
  • Korean Tonghak Rebellion

    The Korean Tonghak rebellion (anti- foreign populist) is in full force.
  • Korean Immigrants

    The first Korean immigrants come to Hawaii.
  • Russo- Japanese War

    This war begins giving Japan the Liaodong concession, Russian railway rights in Manchuria and influence over Korea which went unchallenged.
  • President Theodore Roosevelt

    President Theodore Roosevelt
    US Pres. Theodore Roosevelt bargins the Treaty of Portsmouth, which ended the Russo- Japanese war.
  • Treaty of Annexation

    Korea then became apart of the Japanese empire.