Knights of the Lunch Table: Battel of the Bands

  • The New Kid

    Artie, Wayne and Percy are helping set up for battel of the bands really because he is hiding from a weird new kid named Melody.
    After her grandma said her destiny was to do with Artie, shes been so obsessed with him .They by accident brack the Hordes guitar.
  • The Crash

    The next day wayne brings his bowling ball for donation and by accident throws it into the Principle cars shattering the glass in a "crash". Now they owe $300 for a repair. Artie is now enterd in the battel for the bands because of his sister. He also gets Melody as a lab partner. They talk alot and they find out they have a lot of things in common.
  • The Band

    They make a band, Artie on Guitar, Percy on tuba, Wayne on drums and gwen on keyboard. But they stink. They also lose the table to the hodes because that was were a famouse band used to sit when he went to the school.
  • The Trophy

    They find a tape recorder saying some clues to find the singing sword the thing that canhelp the and at the same time the Haordes are easedropping and go tell the principle.
  • The Really Big Problem

    3 hours before the consert and they couldn't find it anywhere. So they look in the music room closet and by accident Artie gets locked while Percy and wayne get a non stoppable drive with the music teacher for a drive to the consert hall
  • The Solution

    After a long while the janitor opens the closet and see's Artie. Artie told him what happened and asked where was the singing trophy. He said he thought he saw it in the basement an area no kid has gone before. He opens it up and tells artie to go down.
    At the consert hall Battel of the Bands has started.
  • The Consert

    Melody knows a secret passageway to the consert and out of now where on stage comes Artie and Melody. There band rocks out and wins. Then a famouse rock band member who used to come to this school comes out and melodycomes and hugs him saying daddy. After the reunion Wayne gives the principle a new check and , THE END!
  • The Singing sword

    Artie is being chased by the Horde because he was following him to get the singing sword. The are running to the pool and hear a beautiful voice singing and see's Melody singing so good. Then he see's the singing sword on the diving borad but the Hordes get away with it. Then he realized that Melody was the Singing sword.