Klondike Gold Rush

  • Seattle

    For Seattle, the gold rush attracted people from all over the world even after the gold rush ended.
  • Gold in Canada

    Gold was discovered in Canada
  • World get the Truth

    The world gets the news about gold in Yukon
  • the first successful prospectors

    News reached the United States, when the first successful prospectors arrived in Seattle
  • Yukon river closed

    many attempted to leave the rivers of Yukon, during the winter, by dogsled
  • Yukon is made a Territory.

    Yukon is made a Territory.
  • con man dies

    The most famous of the con men was Jefferson Randolph ('Soapy') Smith, dies
  • Dawson no good

    8,000 people deserted Dawson for the beaches of Nome
  • Writings of Jack London based on Gold rush

    Jack londons Call of the wild is published
  • yukons population drops

    The population of Yukon has dropped to just over 4,000 – nearly half of which are of First Nations descent.