Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

  • Baba born

    The year Baba was bron was also the year, "Zahir Shah began his forty-year reign of Afghanistan"(Hossienni 24). Baba's birthday is not a very prominant event in the plot of THE KITE RUNNER. However, it does give readers some insight about what KAbul was like when Baba was growing up, which explains some of his morals.
  • Hassan born

    Hassan was born, "just one year after my mother died giving birth to me"(Hosseinni 6). It is later discovered that Hassan was the half-brother of Amir, which explains why Baba was so concerned about Hassan's birthday. Even though Baba chose not to raise Hassan himnself, he still wanted to provide like a good father.
  • Amir discovers his taelnt for writing

    He discovers it when he was reading to Hassan and, "strayed from the written story"(Hosseinni 30). Later in the book, this leads Amir to America, where he makes a career. This is important because it lets Amir prove to himself that he really can be anything he wants to be.
  • Hassan recieves plastic surgery for his birthday

    Baba brought in a plastic surguen who's, "job in to fix things on people's bodies. Sometimes their faces"(Hossieinni 44). Baba giving Hassan a present like this shows that Baba still cares for Hassan even though he is not raising him himself. This is Baba's careful way of supporting Hassan.
  • The last kite-fighting tournament Hassan and Amir participate in

    Luckily, "that year, the tournament was going to be held in my neighborhood"(Hosseinni 55). This is a very symbolic and important event because it is the first time Amir wins, which wins over Baba's pride. Also, it's the last happy moment between Amir and Hassan. Immediatley following the tournament, Hassan is violated and Amir makes the choice that will alter his entire life.
  • Amir's 13th birthday

    That summer happened to be, "Afghanistan's last summer of peace and anonymity"(Hosseinni 93). This is important because readers learn about how Amir feels about Baba and throwing big parties. More is discovered about Asefs's character too, and his dominance over his parents. Most importantly, it is when Amir recieves the notebook from Rahim Khan that builds up Amir's desire to be a writer.
  • Communists begin taking over Afghanistan

    To Amir, this is, "The end. The official end"(Hosseinni 36).
  • Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan

    Since this invasion, "Turmoil and extremism have dominated its (Afghanistans's) history"(2)
  • Russian tanks begin to appear along the streets of Afghanistan

    Amir calls this," The beginning of the end"(Hosseinni 36). This is when Amir knows that things will change. When he says this, he doesn't realize how much it will affect him, and how much he will miss the Kabul of his childhood.
  • First Soviet troops parachute into Kabul

    The intention was to "assist Babrak Karmal, who had become president in a coup within Afghan Community leadership"(2)
  • US announced it would be boycotting the Olympics in Moscow

    Baba disagreed with this and, "believed Carter unwittingly had done more for communism than Leonid Brenzhnew"(Hosseinni 126). Baba's opinion on this provides more insight on his character and his mindset. He feels is isn't a very strong way to show rebellion. By feeling this way, it must mean that Baba's ideas of rebellion are far more drastic, which may be due to the pride in his culture.
  • Baba and Amir forced to flee their home

    They snuck out of their house, "just after two in the morning"(Hosseini 110). This marks the beginning of the new life for Baba and Amir. Amir favors this life because it means he can bury his mistakes and start the life he imagined for himself. For Baba, it is sad, because everything he worked for in Kabul is mow meaningless.
  • Amir meets General Sahib

    General Sahib was a, "decorated general in Kabul. He worked for the Ministry of defense"(Hossienni 138). This is importnant because the General is his soon-to-be father-in-law. It also shows, eventually, how it was something to be proud of when Amir earns the general's resect.
  • Amir graduates from high school

    He graduated as, "the oldest senior tossing his mortarboard on the football field that day"(Hossienni 131). This is a proud moment for Amir because it means he can go on to start his career in writing. It is also a moment where he earns Baba's pride.
  • Amir ventures out to find Hassan

    Among the many reasons for going to find Hassan, "the biggest on...was that I was lonely"(203). Although it is good that Amir finally wanted to see Hassan again, he reasons for doing so are poor. This shows the kind of broken relationship that they had. This action is Amir procrastinating on atoning for letting Hassan get violated. By the time Amir has worked up the courage to atone, it's too late.
  • Amir finishes his first novel

    His first novel was, "a father-son stopy set in Kabul"(Hossieinni 182). This marks the start of Amir's writing carrer and how happy he is to finally have the life he imagined. By achieving his goals, he is furthure burrying his past and the mistakes his is ashamed of.
  • Last Soviet troops leave Afghanistan

    Unfortunately, "they left behind a counrty that was not only devastated by the war but had become a beacon to islamic extremists"(2)
  • Farzana becomes pregnant with Sohrab

    This caused a great deal of anxiety for Hassan and Farzana after, "Farzana gave birth to a stillborn baby girl"(209). The fact that they tried again reveals Hassan's determination to have children to teach the way he was never taught. It's clear that Hassan wants to be the father he never had. However, Sohrab is an important character, because he is the source of atonement for Amir. Also, he is the only decendant of Hassan, which makes him very valuable for Amir.
  • Mullah Omar gains 12,000 followers

    He promised citizens that he would be "restoring the centrality of Islam to daily life"(2)
  • Taliban gains control of Afghanistan

    With this new power, they began"enforcement of fundamentalist Islamic law"(3)
  • Invasion successfully dislodged AlQaeda

    This invasion succeded in "removing theTaliban from power"(1)
  • Hamid Karzai named chairman of an interim government

    Hamid Karzai was "a supporter andrelative of Mohammad Zahir Shas, the exiled formerking of Afghanistan"(3)
  • Hamid Karzai elected interim president

    He sad he "hoped to secure peace for Afghanistan and win the country much needed international aid"(3)
  • Mr. Obama announces his plan to deploy 30,000 additional troops

    Despite this announcement, he still "vowed to start bringing American forces home from Afghanistan in the middle of 2011"(4)
  • initial goal date for removing U.S troops from Afghanistan

    This is when the U.S hoped to "pass responsibility for security to the Afghan government"(1)