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  • First slaves come to brithish colonies

    First slaves come to brithish colonies
    The first slaves came to the colonies in 1619. The twenty african men and women abord the ship were sold to the colinists of Jamestown. African-americans were not seen as 'inferior' right away, and had similar conditions to white slaves. Obveously, this was an important event in the causes of the civil war war beacuse these were the first slaves. They started the whole idea of slavery in the brittish colonies. Once they were seen as inferior, the stage was set for the civil war.
  • The U.S. constitution

    The U.S. constitution
    The U.S. constitution was created to fix all the problems the United states had with the articles of confederation. Representives from the states to argue out just what was going to be in the 'new' articles of confederation. Acccording to the constitution, 'pequliar institutions', slang for slavery, was allowed. But by not saying slavery, the constitution still had the support of those against slavery. This was a critical beacuse it said that it was O.K. is the US to have slaves.
  • The cotton gin

    The cotton gin
    The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney, to increase cotton production in the south. By making it easyer and faster to remove the seeds from cotton, slaves could do more work. More work meant slaves went up in value, and plantation owners could expand. Which they did. West, in fact. And that brought slavery to the west.
  • Missouri compromise

    Missouri compromise
    The Missouri compramise was when Missiouri, a slave state, wanted to join the union. Previously, there had been 11 slave and 11 free states. No one could decide wheater or not to ban slavery in Missouri. To make everything equl, Missouri, as a slave state, and Maine, as a free state were both admitted. This compromise also created the line that seperated the north and south. It made it even clearer whom was fighting whom, in the antebellum period.
  • Texas annexation

    Texas annexation
    Texas basically wanted to become it's own country. But on December 29th, 1845, it was admitted into the union. Later on in the war, Texas seceed from the union and joined the confederacy to fight. Texas seceed beacuse they thought it would grow better. The Texas annexation was a lot of land. Part of the reason of the war was to keep the united states together, so the north wanted Texas to stay in the union.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    The compromise of 1850 was over many things. Texas having too much taratory, should the land the U.S. won in the mexican war be free or slave, and should California be allowed into the union and tip the balance? The finished comprimise said Texas could not have the new land, but could have 10 million dollers, the new citizens decided for themselves and California was addmitted as a free state. To make the slave states feal better, the fugitive slave act was passed.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Uncle Tom's Cabin
    Uncle Tom's Cabin is a book about living as a slave. It was published in a anti-slavery newspaper. Many people read Uncle Tom's Cabin, and it sold very well. This changed the veiw of slavery by presenting slaves as real people with hopes, dreams, and fears. It helped people to connect, and spred the word.
  • Fugative slave act

    Fugative slave act
    The fugative slave act said that a slave owner could go into the north and 'reclaim' their slaves. But unfortuitaly, free men were also taken into slavery in the south. Any 'slave' taken back could not testify for themselves, and was not allowed a court trial. The fugative slave act had a large impact on the united states beacuse free men and women in the north were being taken from their homes and forced into slavery. This act also sparked the writing of Uncle tom's Cabin.
  • Sumner attacked by Preston

    Sumner attacked by Preston
    Preston Brooks 'viciosly' ataked Charles Sumner following a speech on anti-slavery. That speech used language that offended the south, and Preston, enough for him to beat Sumner with a cane. It took the congressmen three years to recover, though not fully. The fight on the floor of the senate obviously would anger both th north and the south. The south beacuse of the offensive speech, and the north beacuse of the attack. Preston could have asked for a duel like a gentelmen, but he did not.
  • 1860 presidential election

    1860 presidential election
    the election of 1860 has been said to be the 'straw that broke the camel's back' and a real turning point in antebellum. Beacuse of the threat of Lincon's victory, the south was threataning to secede from the union. Beacuse Lincon won the election, the south was ready to wage war. lincon was a northern republican who was against slavery and for the union. He wanted to have the united states stay united, without slavery.
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