Key Battles in The American Revolution

  • Battle of Lexington and Concord

    Location: Massachusetts Significance: First armed conflict between the Colonists and the British. Propaganda victory for the colonies.
    Britain- 73
    killedColonists- 49 killed
    As a result of this battle, the second continental congress met and named George Washington commander in-cheif of the army that gatherd around Boston after Lexington and Concord.
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  • Fort Ticonderoga

    Ethan Allen, one of the commanders of the colonists, captured fort and cannon later used in defense of Boston.
    Fort Ticonderoga was important for its stores of munition and the strategic position of control that it held over the waterways to Canada.
  • Bunker Hill (Breeds Hill)

    It was the first offical battle of the American Revolution. William Prescott led about 1,200 Patriots up the hills of Charlestown. They worked all night building a fort. The next day British soilders attacked, Patriots fought back but ran out of gun powder, and the British captured the hill.
  • Period: to

    Invasion of Quebec

    Generals Benedict Arnold and Richard Montgomery failed in attempt to invade Canada. The Colonists lost.
  • Dorchester Heights

    British forced to evacuate New England
    Location: Boston
  • Long Island

    Continental Army was forced to retreat to Manhatatn and New Jersey. Location: New York
  • Trenton

    Location: New Jesrsey
    Hessian mercenaries were crushed in Washington´s raid across the Delaware River.
  • Princeton

    Location: New Jeresey
    In this battle George Washington's forces defeated British forces. Before George Washington arrived he sent some militia ahead of him, but when they got there they tried to flee. When Washington got there he arrived with reinforcements and got got all the militia that were trying to flee.
  • Brandywine Creek Germantown

    Location: Pennsylavania
    This was an important time for George Washington. A victory here would give the soldiers hope that they could be victorious in their struggle for independence.
  • Monmouth

    Location: New Jesrsey
    The Continental Army almost captured the British, but the British escaped.
  • Savannah

    Location: Georgia
    British go South.
  • Vincennes

    Locatiom: Western Territories
    George Rogers Clark captured British forts, negociation with British after the war.
  • Charleston

    Location: South Carolina
    The first attempt by the British to capture Charleston was stopped by the tides and the resilience of the Palmetto fort that became known of Fort Moultrie. The British were successful the second time around. The port of Chaleston, SC was under seige by the British for many days.
  • King's Mountain

    Location: South Carolina
    Victory for the Continental Army.
  • Yorktown

    Location: Virginia
    It was the Final battle of the war. The French navy assisted Genaral Washington and his army by blockading the harbor. The blockade prevented British ships from entering the harbor. The British army camped in Virginia waiting for transport to winter quaters.