Key Battle of the American Revolution

  • The battle of Lexington and Concord

    The battle of Lexington and Concord
    Known as the "shot heard round the world".
    Resulted in George Washington being named the commander in
    chief of the surrounding army.
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

    The Battle of Bunker Hill
    <a href='' >Americans learned that the British generals were planning to send troops out from the city to occupy the unoccupied hills surrounding the city.
    -First battle of American Revolution.
    -Showed that Americans would need help with supplies.
  • The Battie of Saratoga

    The Battie of Saratoga
    <a href='' >The battles were fought eighteen days apart on the same ground
    -Turning point of the war.
    -Two battles, 18 days apart.
    -French agreed to ally with the Americans which helped with finances.
  • Charleston,South Carolina

    Charleston,South Carolina
    the biggest loss of troops suffered by the Continental Army in the war.
    -The port was under siege by the british for several days.
    -The harbor was blocked and supplies were cut off.
  • Cowpens

    -British were tricked into thinking the Americans were leaving,and led into a trap.
    -Important battle in South Carolina History.
    -British were defeated
  • Yorktown

    -Final battle of the war.
    -French Navy blocked the harbor to help the Americans.
    -The British surrendered.