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Kaitlin's Reading Log

By misrm7
  • Famous Five Go To Demons Rocks.

    Famous Five Go To Demons Rocks.
    This book is an awsome adventure book. It is about five children and a dog that are living in a light house for two weeks. The children also have a monkey who finds a gold coin.......
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    Kaitlin's Reading Log

  • Restless Spirit

    Restless Spirit
    Awsome book!!! Got hooked into it before I read the first chapter.
    Restless spirit is a book about a boy who understands a horse and can help it.
    It is also about friendship. I would really recomend it.
  • Madigans Quest

    Madigans Quest
    Madigans Quest is an awesome book.
    It is about a coulorful group of travellers brave the twisting, tricksy
    landscape or the remaking after chaos ripped th world apart.
  • Narnia

    This is a great book!!!!!!!! It iis a book about great friendship!
  • Seekers-Great Bear Lake.

    Seekers-Great Bear Lake.
    Seekers is about friendships and relationships between three bears who are travelling and trying to discover the bear spirits that dance upon the ice. I would recomened this book mostly to girls but some boys would enoy it.
  • Miles to go

    Miles to go
    This book is interesting. It is really about miley cyrus' life. It was hard to focus on but it is a good book
  • The Beedle And The Bard

    The Beedle And The Bard
    Th is book is a good book. It is about more or less, fairtales. The stories are very exiting and are good to read.
  • Water

    This book is really interesting but is a little bit hard to understand at first. It is about a girl named Tully who has asmah and is not allowed to go swimming This is because she is different. She breaths under water but is not a mermaid. She is injected wth needles and turns green. Tjis is a good book
  • Chinese Cinderella

    Chinese Cinderella
    This book is about a girl that was considered bad luck because when she was born she was abandoned and was lost.
  • Oracle

    Oracle is about a little girl who has a brother and they are tradded for food and a heard of goats. They are taken to the king and perform in front of him. The little girl is his butterfly
  • George Strait The Book

    This book is more of a docomentry than a book. It exsplanes His life and how he becomes a singer. This book is more for a country person.
  • Horse Whisper

    This book is a very trusting book. When the girl gets run over by a truck her friend nearly dies. The friendship dies between the girl and her riding . Will the girl ever ride again.
  • Brians Winter.

    13 year old Brian is standed in the Canadian wilderness. While he tries to survive a nother man is hiding out in the forest. After he is rescued it is just before winter. Wjhat if he wasn't rescued
  • Old Bones

    Old Bones is about a boy moving into a house with his dad and pregnant stepmum. His house is called cloverly.He leaves all his memories behind at his farm he onced lived on. Chosing his bedroom underneth the witches hat he becomes very convinced there is a ghostly prsence.
  • The Dead bones

  • The last ghost

    This book is about a girl named Belladona and she can see ghosts but when they start disapering it turns pear shape and she turns to her friend Steve for help.
  • Moonrunner By Mark Thomason.

    This book is about a boy who runs away from home with his dokey but when it starts to rain everything changes. This is great reading material.
  • Ghost of time

  • Spies

  • The BFG

  • The lion witch and the wardrobe

  • The curious insedent of the dead dog.

  • Winni Dixie

  • Billy Aand Old Smoko