Julia's timeline of US history

By jav4453
  • Bosten tea party

    It was a political protest by the sons of liberty in Bosten. They were against the tax policy of british government that contrlled all tea imported into coolonies. December 16 1773 a group of colonist went on to three ships that held the taxed tea on the ship and threw all of it over board To show they did not want these high taxes.
  • Period: to

    Battle of the Alamo

    Mexican troops went to san antonio de bexar. The Texins did not know the emeny would bring such a large force so they wrote and wrote letters for people to come fight in our army. under one hundred people showed up.One yearly mornig the Mexicans decided to make an attack on the Alamo. It was a horrible battle, many were left dead but the Texins came out on top
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    the Civil to me almost the worst war in US history, because many people died fighting for for our Country and the soildorss life was very hard. They did not allways eat three meals a day and they did not get a long time to sleep everyday. THey was so much work put into training but they all tryed their best for their Country.
  • Pearl Harbor

    On dec. 7 1941 there was an attack lead by Japan. They flew planes over pearl harbor and dropped huge bombs on it. It destroyed everything. numorous people were dead, towns were gone, buildings and homes were destroyed too. All eight NAvy battle ships were damaged and four sunk. This was an absolute shock on the Americans compleatly. It was an horrible event in US history to remeber
  • hurricane Katrina

    To me Hurricane Katrina was a horrible event took place over the bahamas south of Florda.The hurricane was a horrible disaster to destoryed many buildings and towns. many people were injered. The people knew it would take a long,long time to repair