Julian Courie Geology Timeline

  • Cambrian 570-500 MYA

    Cambrian 570-500 MYA
    The cambrian period was the first time multi cellular life flourished. Marine life
  • Ordovician 490-443 MYA

    Ordovician 490-443 MYA
    Life continued to flourish.Also climate was very hot.
  • Silurian 443-416 MYA

    Silurian 443-416 MYA
    The first bony fish the osteichthyes appeared armored fish.
  • Devonian 416-359 MYA

    Devonian 416-359 MYA
    The climate was warm plant life. Trilobites jawless armored fish an jawed fish were present.
  • Carboniferous 359-299 MYA

    Carboniferous 359-299 MYA
    Climate was warm but eventually cooled down toward the end. species were fish, giant dragonflys, amphibians and giant scorpions.
  • Permian 299-251 MYA

    Permian 299-251 MYA
    Earth was starting to have warming and cooling of tempatures. Trilobites became extinct insects. Also invertebrates roamed the earth.
  • triassic 251-199 MYA

    triassic 251-199 MYA
    The climate was generally hot and dry. The triassic was the time of the earliest dinosuars.
  • Jurassic 199-145 MYA

    Jurassic 199-145 MYA
    Dinosaurs such as stegosaurus. In the sea lived giant creatures.
  • Cretaceous 145-65 MYA

    Cretaceous 145-65 MYA
    Earths climate changing t flowering plants spread during this period. Tyrannosaurus rex roams earth wtih velociraptor along with mammals.
  • Tertiary 65-23 MYA

    Tertiary 65-23 MYA
    Modern large running animals, continental movement climate cooled down.
  • Quaternary 1.8 MYA

    Quaternary 1.8 MYA
    Mammoths saber tooths lived but killed off by glaciation