(JS) Mockingjay By Susan Collins, Fiction, 398 Pages

  • Chapters 1-3

    Katniss is Taken to District 13 along with her family, a few tributes from the games, and her friend Gale. District 13 is completely underground and very strict. Katniss often doesn't obey her schedule for the day which is printed on her arm because she's not used to it. Apparently all districts accept 2 are fighting against the Capitol, and they want Katniss as their leader. Pgs 1-32 total: 423
  • Chapters 3-9

    Katniss decides to become the leader of the rebles by becoming the "Mockingjay". She dresses up in a suite in which her old stylist designed and recieves a very hightech bow and arrow for combat. As mockingjay she travels to district 8 to meet the people. There are bombings and Katniss tries to protect a hospital but fails. She also makes a "propo" which is to get the rebles want to keep fighting. It's a T.V. broadcast to all the districts. Pgs. 33-114 total: 505
  • Chapters 9-10

    Katniss continues to make new propos for the rebles, and travels to district twelve. While watching t.v. at her new home, an interview with Peeta shows. He is looking withered and disstressed, so the capitol must be torturing him in some kind of way. One of Katniss's Propos cuts in then, then the interview comes back on for a few seconds, and so on until the capitol notices, and the camera falls over and blood is spilled. I think peeta is dead. Pgs. 114-137 Total: 528
  • Chapters 10-11

    After watching Peeta on t.v and infering that there would be an attack on 13, the whole district was put under lock down in an underground bunker. Prim, Katniss's sister was almost lock out though, trying to rescue her cat. So far they been down there for three days and 4 boms have fallen. pgs. 138-152 total: 543
  • Chapter 11-12

    The attacks on 13 have stopped now, but Katniss feels very sad and worried about Peeta's condition. She doesn't want the Capitol hurting him anymore. She is so distraught that she can't even do a propo, so her team eventually has to go retrive Peeta, and the others from the capitol, through an elaborate plan involving an airtime assult. Pgs. 153-165 Total: 556
  • Chapters 12-13

    Peeta and Finnick's friend as well as others were brought back to 13. When Katniss went to see Peeta though, he tried to strangle Katniss and may have killed her if she were alone. They come to the conclusion that the capitol manipulaed his memories and now hates Katniss so much. This make Katniss feel horrible, and she gives up alot of hope. Pg.s 166-177 Total: 568
  • Chapters 13-15

    Despite her mood, Katniss goes to district 2, which is still currently not controlled by the rebels, to secure one of the capitol's military bases as their own. This causes some debate though, because they'd have to kill everyone in the base, which is under a mountain, to secure it. Katniss isn't really involved in this descion though, it's Gale proposing the plan. Pgs. 178-203 Total: 594
  • Chapters 15-17

    District thirteen captures the "Nut"( the capitols main military and weapons facility), yet Katniss is sad because she knows how the people feel trapped in the Nut, and wishes she could save them. After, she tries to tell the district to join them, but gets shot doing so. The bullet never penetrated, but instead ruptured her spleen. She is back in the hospital, and begins to bond with another girl there named Johanna. pgs. 204-232 Total: 623
  • Chapters 17-19

    While Katniss is recovering, she gets to see Peeta, but he's completely changed and isn't sure about Katniss so he still needs guards to watch him. Meanwhile, Finnick and Annie have gotten married, making Katniss want to be as happy as them. Finally, Katniss learns that she won't be able to go and fight the Capitol because she's injured and skips all the military classes. But her and Johanna want to fight so they began an accelerated class and were fixed up by doctors. Pgs. 233-261 Total: 652
  • Chapters 19-23

    Katniss and her team of sharpsooters go to the capitol along with the filming team.They are trying to reach the heart of the capitol but every block is set with pods that unleash things from a wave of tar to tracker jackers to eliminate the rebels.Many of them are killed including Boggs and Finnick so they decide to mave underground to avoid more pods.After an explosion, the capitol temporarily thinks they're dead which gives the team an advantage, but soon are found by mutts. 265-313 total: 704
  • Chapters 23-End

    They finally reach the heart of the capitol.Before going to the President's mansion, the group stays with a former stylist who has made herself look like a cat.They stay at her shop, then move in, hidden by the chaos of the city.Around the mansion, is a barracade of children. Bombs are dropped, and Katniss sees her sister who gets blown up.The rebels win the war, but instead of killing Snow, she kills Coin and Snow dies laughing.Katniss is sad, but marries Peeta and has Kids.315-398 total: 789