Johnson vs. California

  • Garrison Johnson Born

    Garrison Johnson Born
    Garrison Johnson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Another Case was discovered.

    People v. Wheeler, the 1978 case in which the California Supreme Court ruled that to establish a prima facie case of racial bias in peremptory challenges, the objector had to show "strong likelihood" that the challenges were race- based. The jury found Johnson guilty of second-degree murder.
  • Another Case discovered, Johnson was in Jail

    Another case was discovered while Garrison Johnson was in jail. U.S. Supreme Court set in Batson v. Kentucky (1986). The appeals court agreed and reversed Johnson's conviction. The California Supreme Court reversed and ruled that the two standards were the same. The U.S. Supreme Court at first dismissed Johnson's appeal because the case was not finalized (see Johnson v. California 2004, No. 03-6539). After another round of appeals, however, the Court agreed to decide the case.
  • Garrison Johnson in Jail

    Garrison was in jail for 26 years for murder, stealing and other things.
  • Racial Segregation Policy

    Racial Segregation policy for prisoners has been going on forever.
  • Period: to

    Johnson vs. California

    Court cased decided by Rehnquist
  • Johnson vs. California Granted

    Johnson Vs. California court case was granted the right to tell all the prisoners that the ruling was not strict scrutiny.
  • Johnson vs. California Case Argued

    Johnson vs. California case was argued and Garrison Johnson was hoping to win the case.
  • Johnson vs. California case Decided.

    6 votes for Johnson and 2 votes against Johnson