John Locke timeline -Eduardo

  • John Locke is born

  • Period: to

    Locke becomes a professor at Oxford

  • Locke reads Rene Descarts discourse

  • Locke meets and befriends Lord Ashley

  • Locke is now Ashleys personal Physician

  • Locke is asked to write the Fundemental Constitution of Carloina.

  • John Locke creates his first draft of the essay concerning human understanding.

  • Period: to

    Locke promotes the idea of a social contract.

  • Locke develops a plan for revolution that links to a plan to kill the king.

  • Englands Glorius revolution and Locke is welcomed by the king.

  • Locke meets Isac Newton

  • Essay concerning John Paul published

  • Two treaties of Civil goverment published by John Locke

  • Period: to

    John Locke appoints British Board of trade

  • John Locke dies

  • Thomas Jefferson borrows Lockes idea.