John F. Kennedy Timeline

  • Birth date

    Birth date
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29th 1917 in Brookline Massachusetts on 83 Beals Street to Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. There were nine children all together.
  • Schooling

    In September of 1931, John (also known as Jack) was sent to Choate Boarding school in Conneticut. Jack earned decent grades, but nothing impressive.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    John graduates from Choate High School and was ranked 64th in a class of 112.
  • Graduation

    John graduated from Harvard with a degree in International Affairs. This point in his life led him to write the book Why England Slept.
  • Navy Enlistment

    Navy Enlistment
    John enlisted into the Army along with his brother, Joe.
  • Death of a Brother

    Death of a Brother
    Joseph Kennedy, Jr. is killed while flying a mission over Europe
  • Congress Introduction

    Congress Introduction
    John is elected in the United States House of Representatives from Mass. 11th district
  • U.S Senate Election

    U.S Senate Election
    John is elected to the United States Senate
  • Marriage to Jackie Kennedy

    Marriage to Jackie Kennedy
    John F. Kennedy marries Jacqueline Bouvier
  • Birth of Caroline Kennedy

    Birth of Caroline Kennedy
    John and Jackie's first child, Caroline Kennedy, was born in New York City
  • JFK for President!

    JFK for President!
    John F. Kennedy is elected the 35th President of the United States, winning against Richard Nixon
  • Birth of the First Son

    Birth of the First Son
    John and Jackie's second child and first son is born. He is named John F. Kennedy, Jr., after his father
  • Peace Corps

    Peace Corps
    John establishes the Peace Corps
  • Test-ban Treaty

    Test-ban Treaty
    Kennedy proposes the test ban treaty, which the US and Soviet Union agree on.
  • Death of a President

    Death of a President
    John is shot and killed in Dallas, where the president was campaigning for re-election. Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of killing him. The case is still open today.