John F. Kennedy

  • political party

  • birthday

  • jfk

    jfk went to haverd
  • did jfk graduate?

  • writings

  • johns past jobs

    worked as a newes reporter
  • john f kennedys children

    john f kennedy had 3 childeren, caroline bolvier, john krnnedy jr.
  • nikename


  • religion

    roman cathlic
  • jfk affect on the USA

    john f kennedy died at a young age yongest elected
  • elected

  • public oppinion

    bellow average 3% average 19%out standing above average 74%
  • was jfk married?

    yes he was mariied on september 12 1963
  • john f kennedys siblings

    jfk had 9 brother and sisters
  • death

  • where he was burried

    natile cemetary
  • swarn in as the 35th president