John f kennedy

John F. Kennedy

By hb13852
  • Birth

    JFK was born on this day in Brookline, Massachusetts.
  • Marrige

    On this day JFK married Jacqueline Bouvier.
  • 1st child born

    1st child born
    On this day JFK's 1st child,Caroline Bouvier Kennedy,was born.
  • Election

    On this day JFK initiated his campaign for President in th Democratic primary election.
  • 2nd child born

    2nd child born
    On this day JFK's 2nd child,John Fitzgerald Kennedy jr. was born.
  • Sworn in as President

    On this day JFK was sworn in as the 35th president pof the United States.
  • Death

    On this day JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas,Texas.