John F. Kennedy

  • Birth

    J.F.K was born. The son of Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Rose Fitezgard Kennedy.
  • School

    Graduates cum laude with a bachelor of science degree from Harvard Univeristy.
  • Collage Thesis

    Kennedy's collage thesis " Appeasment in Munich " about Britians failure to prepare itself agains Nazi Germeny is published as a book title d " Why England Slept " .
  • Sworn into the Navy

    At Age 24 J.F.K is sworn into the Navy.
  • Becoming Lieutenet

    Given Command of PT - 109 as a lieutenet.
  • Japenese Destoy Boat

    While on Active duty in Blackett Straigh , North Solomon Islands in Pacific , Pt - 109 is sunk by Japanese Kennedy performed heroically in rescuing his crew.
  • Rewards

    Awarded the navy and Marine Corps medal and Purple Heart of his actions while in command.
  • Brother Dies

    Kennedy's older brother Joe Kennedy Jr. is killed when his aif force plane explodes shorty after take off.
  • Discharge From Navy

    Honorably discharged from the navy with the full rank of lieutenat.
  • U.S representative

    Elected as a U.S. represenative for the 11th Congressional District in Boston. He is elected in 1948. and 1950.
  • Senator

    Elected as Senator from Masschusetts and re-elected in 1958
  • Surgery Number 1

    Undergoes back Surgery for a back injury he recieved during the Pt- 109 incident.
  • Second Back Surgery

    Undergoes a second basck surgery which he almost dies from.
  • Announeces his canadicy for Pres.

  • Democtatice Nomantion

    J.F.K recieves the democratic nomaition for Pres.
  • Oath of The office

    At age 43 J.F.K takes the oath of office to become 35th Pres.
  • Peace Corps

    J.F.K Signs a bill creating the Peace Corps.
  • The Bay of Invasion of Cuba

  • Meeting

    Meets with Nikita Khruscher in Vienna on International Issues.
  • Rice Universtery

    Delivers a speech at Rice Universty Pledging that the U.S.A will put a man on the moon before the Decade Ends.
  • Tour in Texas

    Kennedy begins his tour in Texas.
  • Death

    J.F.K is assanatied at 12:30 while riding in his limousine open top.