John F. Kennedy

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  • Birth of John F. Kennedy

    John F. Kennedy was born to Rose Fitzgerald and Joseph Patrick Kennedy in Brookline Massachusetts. He was the second oldest to nine children, four boys and five girls. In the early stages of life, John F. Kennedy was a sickly child. Many stays at the hospital worried his parents that they would lose their second born. But he took a turn for the better in his toddler years ("Life of John F. Kennedy").
  • JFK elementary and middle schooling

    JFK elementary and middle schooling
    From Kindergarten to eighth grade, JFK attended many schools. In total he attended five schools while growing up. Here to the left is a report card that John had received in grade school. He was an intelligent boy from the beginning and his father knew that he could help the family legacy continue ("Life of John F. Kennedy"). Photo ("School Report Card")
  • Choate School then to Harvard

    JFK attended his ninth through twelfth grade years at Choate School. Choate School was a private boarding school in Connecticut where John excelled. He had many friends and was involved in many sports and activities the school offered ("Life of John F. Kennedy").
  • Off to Harvard

    Off to Harvard
    John followed his brother’s footsteps and applied to Harvard. He got it and immediately situated himself in his oldest brother Joe's shadow. Joe had been on the football team so John joined right away. After injuring his spine, John quit football and endured slight pains in his back for the rest of his life. Even though athletically he had a downfall, Mr. Kennedy, Joe and John's father, knew that these two boys were his brightest ("Life of John F. Kennedy"). Photo ("Harvard Yearbook Entry")
  • Navy

    After graduating from Harvard, Joe and John quickly joined the navy. John became a Lieutenant (Lt.) for the South Pacific and commander for a torpedo boat. On this night, a boat accident occurred and two out of John's twelve men died. John was able to pull if crew to safety though he was injured himself ("Life of John F. Kennedy"). When he got home he was awarded with the "Navy and Marine Corps medal for his leadership and courage" ("Life of John F. Kennedy").
  • JFK to Politics

    A year after John had been awarded with his honor, Joe his oldest brother dies in a tragic plane explosion. The death of his brother Joe sparked the interest he had in politics. Before, politics was commonly discussed with Joe but John wanted to be a writer or professor, however Joes death pushed John to the arena he was destined to be a part of ("Life of John F. Kennedy").
  • Entrance into the Political world

    John began his career by being voted into the House of Representatives. He was voted in from Boston and Cambridge. Following his seat in the house, six years later in 1952, John won a seat in the United States senate ("The Kennedy Family"). John kept rising to new heights. The next stop was only fitting to be the presidency.
  • Married

    After being voted to a senate seat, John soon met the love of his life, Jacqueline Bouvier. She was a twenty-four year old writer for the Washington Times-Herald ("Life of John F. Kennedy"). The two fell madly in love and set forth on starting a family.
  • Caroline Born

    After receiving a Pulitzer Prize for his biography, John and his wife welcomed their first child Caroline ("Life of John F. Kennedy")
  • Nominated as the Democratic Presidential Candidate

    JFK was nominated as the Democratic Party Candidate accompanied by Lyndon B. Johnson as his Vice Presidential candidate ("Life of John F. Kennedy").
  • Campaigning

    JFK took the next four months to make his Name and platform known. JFK took the world by storm. JFK demonstrated his interview with Jack Paar. Watch the interview and experience the charm that JFK exemplified to the world. Along with his interviews he had a photo shoot with life magazine. The picture is part of the LIFE shoot ("JFK on the Campaign"). See all 29 photos at Video (“JFK on Jack Paar show")
  • Won the Race

    Won the Race
    JFK won the close race against Nixon and was elected as the thirty-fifth president of the United States. He was the youngest president to be elected into office and was our first Catholic president ("Life of John F. Kennedy"). Just before his inauguration he welcomed his second child into the world. He was now a proud father of a daughter and new son. Photo (Stoughton)
  • Inauguration

    "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" is the famous quote JFK spoke at his inaugural address. Listen to JFK's actual speech with the link above. Listen to the precision and knowledge he has in moving forward as the United States next president.
    Audio ("Kennedy, John F")
    Photo (Kennedy, John F. "President John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address (1961).")
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    In early October a U-2 spy plane spotted soviet missiles in Cuba. Americans became extremely frightened that the soviets nuclear power was being kept so close to the United States. After days of waiting and fear, on October 28th 1962 JFK negotiated an agreement with the Soviets, removing the missiles from their Cuban base. JFK brought the safety back into the American lives and will be remembered as a hero for his heroic negotiation ("Cuban Missile Crisis").
  • Assasination

    In Dallas Texas for a speaking engagement, JFK was taking a ride through the town appearing to the people of Dallas. Unexpectedly, JFK was shot by a gunman who was discovered as Lee Harvey Oswald ("Life of John F. Kennedy"). JFK's life was cut short and the world never knew what else JFK could have done if he would have been able to finish his term and maybe receive a second. His life was one to cherish and remember as he did such great work. Video (Harris)
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