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John F. Kennedy

  • Birth

    John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusets on May 29, 1917.
  • Enrolls at Princeton University

    Enrolls at Princeton University
    Enrolls at Princeton University withdraws after six weeks because of health problems.
  • Gradutes from Harvard College

    Gradutes from Harvard College
    John F. Kennedy graduted from Havard college in 1940 with a cum laude in international affairs
  • Captins PT-109 Boats

    Captins PT-109 Boats
    Kennedy Captined PT-109 boats in Japan, and becomes a national celebrity
  • Elected member of Congress from Massachusetts

    Kennedy was elected member of Congress from Massachusetts in 1952.
  • Marries Jacqueline Bouvier

    Marries Jacqueline Bouvier
    John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier on September 12,1953, at the lavish Auchincloss in Newport, Rhode Island.
  • Undergoes Back Surgeries

    On January 1, 1954 John F. Kennnedy was undergoing his back surgeries due to chronic back problems.
  • Second Vietnam War

    Second Vietnam War
    The Second Vietnam War follow the First Indochina War and took place in the Cold War era. The war was fought between North Vietnam and South Vietnam.
  • Inugrurated President

    Inugrurated President
    On January 20, 1961 John F. Kennedy was elected president of the USA.
  • First man sent to the moon

    First man sent to the moon
    In May of 1961 Alan Sheperd became the first man to travel to space. This was a big win for Kennedy, the USA, and NASA because this allowed the USA to gain reputation for beating the Soviet Union in the race to space.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    The Cuban Missile Crisis took place from October 16-28 in 1962. At the time the US and Russia were planting missles directed at countries to prepare if any kind of war broke out. Once Kennedy agreed to send an air strike to the cuba where the missile were planted, Khrushcheus sent a letter to Kennedy saying if the US doesn't send the strike the Soviets will take the missile out of Cuba. Kennedy accepted the request at 8pm on October 27,1962.
  • Civil Rights

    On June 11, 1963 Kennedy made a comment that all americans heard about. He called civil rights for African Americans a " moral crisis". He meant that whites shouldn't have anything againest bkacks and should'nt not want blacks to have equal rights.
  • Assasination of Kennedy

    Assasination of Kennedy
    On November 22,1963 President John F. Kennedy was shot and assassinated in Dallas while driving in a parade. Many watched and weaped as they saw a great father, husband, president, and man die right in front of them