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JJK - Sorcerer's Resolve

  • Exchange Event Delayed

    Due to a lack of participants with the students all being busy, the 2021 Sister-school Goodwill Event got cancelled. In theory, it will happen at a time when students are more available –if such a time comes.
  • Hospital Incident

    Hospital Incident
    A group of four students is sent to investigate an abandoned hospital, which has been linked to a sudden increase in disappearances over the last few weeks. Shota Zen'in, Tatari Geto and Iyori Inumaki, Tokyo students, are accompanied by Tsubaki Otsuka from Kyoto. Things are more dangerous than they seem however, and after a series of eery encounters with what seem ritual sacrifices, only Inumaki and Otsuka make it out. For her performance, Otsuka receives a recommendation to 1st Grade.
  • The Artist introduces himself

    The Artist introduces himself
    Fukutsu Tamura, an independent Curse User, comes across a man calling himself "The Artist". Upset at the destruction of graffiti, he attacks her with what seem to be paint-based Shikigami. He withdraws in the end, but not without showing Fukutsu that he's not to be taken lightly.
  • Period: to

    Chance Encounters

    4-Sule a-Raqi meets Tsubaki Otsuka when they crash catastrophically, and a friendship begins.
    5-Kaito Zen'in and Akito Kurata are put together for training... and neither seems too happy about it.
    6-Ren Okkotsu and Keitaro Geto excavate massive holes in the training field during a friendly spar. The school isn't happy.
    7-Utsuho "Uta" Chōwa causes a great first impression on Sule –and then ruins it.
    7-Lysandros is accused of photosynthesis. Keitaro and Ren get scheduled for supervising duties.
  • Light on the water's surface

    Light on the water's surface
    Lysandros manages to track Fukutsu through the residuals she left during her fight with the Artist. After a tense-friendly conversation, both of them part amicably –and exchange contact information with the promise to reunite to bring down the Artist.
  • Fukutsu's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

    In which Fukutsu has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Early in the morning, she finds herself fighting a teenager that is a jujutsu impossibility. In the evening, she chances across the Tokyo Principal, who corrals, harasses, and grills her. Later, Lysandros proves entirely unhelpful at comforting her. Takeda's day is only marginally better, as he finds himself filling holes in the ground. Strangely, he enjoys it.
  • School Back In Session

    The third and last academic period begins for both the Tokyo and Kyoto schools with a short speech from the respective teachers and a communal meal. Rumours abound on the possibility of finally celebrating the delayed Goodwill Event.
  • Period: to

    Chance encounters 2

    11- Ren asks Lysandros for a spar: the teacher wins, but only by Ren conceding. As punishment, Ren receives philosophical talk. 11- Tsubaki completes her final accompanied mission under the watchful eye of Grade 1 sorcerer Kikuo Kamo, and is officially recognised as a semi-1st grade sorcerer.
  • The Collector: First Contact

    The Collector: First Contact
    After a report about a broken seal and increased Cursed Spirit activity, Tokyo students Kaito, Yuki, Akito and Uta are sent to deal with the situation. Overseen by Lysandros, their task is to exterminate the curses and recover the cursed object hoard of the eccentric owner of the house. The students exorcise a group of curses, including a powerful semi-1st grade. A grade 1 curse interrupts, and Lysandros exorcises it –but not without heavy injury.