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JFK Timeline

  • New Frontier Speech

    New Frontier Speech
    Accepted the nomination for running for president.
    Claimed to have only one obligation: to lead his party back to victory and our nation back to greatness.
    He claimed that the New Deal and the Fair Deal were at those times but they would not work now.
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  • JFK Speaks at Houston Minister's Conference

    JFK Speaks at Houston Minister's Conference
    Talks about being a Catholic
    Audience worried about Kennedy making decisions without using Papal advice
    JFK said he supported freedom of religion
  • Nixon and Kennedy Debate

    Nixon and Kennedy Debate
    First Presidential debate televised
    T.V. viewers thought Kennedy won because he looked good
    Radio listeners thought Nixon had stronger debates and more knowledge
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Cuban Missle Crisis
    Cuban leader welcomed Soviets into his country
    USSR put nuclear weapons in Cuba
    United States had nuclear missles aimed towards Cuba
  • JFK wins election

    JFK wins election
    First and only Catholic President
    Youngest President elected
    Won by less than 120,000 votes
  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    Eisenhower Administration wanted Fidel Castro overthrown
    Ordered CIA to train Cuban exiles
    Kennedy agrees to this operation
    Invaded on April 17th and failed
  • Freedom Writers Attack

    Freedom Writers Attack
    Freedom Writers were Civil Rights activists
    Took public transportation to the south
    The KKK attacked the activists and their bus
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    Many people tried to escape Communsim
    The wall was built to separate West and East Berlin
    USSR tried to prevent the United States from having access to West Berlin
  • Kennedy adresses Nation about Civil Rights

    Kennedy adresses Nation about Civil Rights
    First time a President asked the American people to act on civil rights to create equlity
    Kennedy strongly supported balck and white equality
    Many legislations were passed by Kennedy.
  • Assassination of Kennedy

    Assassination of Kennedy
    Kennedy was losing votes because of his involvement in civil rights
    He was shot while riding in a convertible through Dallas
    Lyndyn B. Johnson became President after Kennedy's death