• JFK Delivers "New Frontier" Speech

    JFK Delivers "New Frontier" Speech
    In this speech Kennedy accepted his nomination for the presidencey.
    This speech took place in Los Angles, outside.
    In this speech he also talks about his plans for the moon.
  • JFK Speaks at Houston Ministers' Conference

    JFK Speaks at Houston Ministers' Conference
    In this speech JFK talks about him and his religious beliefs.
    He announces that he is Catholic and proud.
    He knows it might hurt him in election but he states it will be a factor in his decisions,
  • JFK Debates Richard Nixon on Television

    JFK Debates Richard Nixon on Television
    1st TV debate This was the first Presidential candidates debate on TV.
    This debate affected the votes, 70 million people watched this.
    Kennedy looked and spoke better which convinced most people to vote for him.
    Launched a new era in American Politcs which invloved the television.
  • JFK Wins Election in 1960

    JFK Wins Election in 1960
    He is the first Catholic Prsident.
    Most people though it was a sure win if they were just voting on the debates on TV.
    Kennedy was a much better speeker and just better looking then Nixon.
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion

    Bay of Pigs Invasion
    Planned by Eisenhower to invade Cuba and would trigger the overthrow of Castro.
    Nothing went right, the air stirkes had failed, however they still reported that it succeeded.
    Cubans were backed by Soviet power; some were killed and others imprisioned; and the Cubans claimed victory.
    With this Kennedy felt embarrassed and accepted the blame.
  • Freedom Riders Attacked in Alabama

    Freedom Riders Attacked in Alabama
    Most white southeners did not like them.
    When they were in Alabama, people attakced them.
    They noticed a window of their bus had been broken out and then it bursted into flames.
  • Berlin Wall is Constructed

    Berlin Wall is Constructed
    <ahref='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVYfl44SHaU&feature=related' >Berlin Wall</a> Soviets were mad that 20% of the country fled to West Germany because it had showed they failed.
    To keep people in they decided to build a wall (the Berlin Wall), that was topped with barbed wire.
    Kennedy refused to give up U.S. access to to West Berlin, which made Khrushchev upset and declared, "I want peace, buy, if you want war that is your problem."
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, openly said he was communist and asked for aid from the U.S.S.R..
    Soviet Union kept their promise to protect Cuba with their weapons and sent many weapons including nulcear bombs.
    Kennedy said America would not tolerate it.
    U-2 mission showed they had missiles, some loaded and could hit U.S. cities in minutes.
  • Kennedy Addresses the Nation about Civil Rights

    Kennedy Addresses the Nation about Civil Rights
    This addressed the nation on television which was a new thing for the era.
    This was the first time a President had really addressed Civil Rights.
    He asked for all Americans to accept people of other races.
  • JFK Assassinated in Dallas, Texas

    JFK Assassinated in Dallas, Texas
    <ahref='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uedVpHeNO34&feature=related' >JFK's death</a>
    JFK was riding in a car in a parade when he was shot in the head.
    He was killed instantly, to this day no one nows for sure who killed him, and the person they had caught was killed before put on trial.
    This event is one of the reason why the president has more security.