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Jennifer Lawrence- Shruti Goyal

By ALB813
  • the day she was born

    the day she was born
    jennifer lawrence was born in louisville, Kentucky to Karen and Gary Lawrence.
  • childhood

    growing uo jennifer didnt have any particular attraction to actnig. she went to regular public schools and played sports. she occasionaly appeared in small theatre productions
  • 9-11 <3

    9-11 <3
    while Jennifer Lawrence was out becoming more famous each day, the twin towers were attacked. the attack killed 2996 people. 19 of them were the hijackers. It was a tragic time in history.
  • becoming discovered

    becoming discovered
    jennifer got discovered in ney york while she was on vacation with her family. a photographer asked to take her picture and her moms number. the man was in the acting business and got jennifer featured in commecials and eventually she became a model for different famous brands.
  • her first acting job

    her first acting job
    her first appearance was in the Bill evgalls show
  • Poker House

    Poker House
    Jennifer Lawrence appeared as Agnes in the movie Poker House.
  • BP oil spill

    BP oil spill
    The Deepwater Horizon oil spill began on 20 April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico on the BP-owned Transocean-operated Macondo Prospect.
  • X-men: First Class

    X-men: First Class
    Jennifer Lawrence played Mystique in the movie X-men: First Class.
  • award

    jennifer lawrence won an academy award for best actress.
  • Hanging Tree

    the song "hanging tree" came out with the movie Mockingjay part 1. the movie was based on a book series but Suzanne Collins. Jennifer Lawrence sang the song even though she hates singing.